Closing down comments

I have decided to follow in the footsteps of Popular Science and close down comments. The reason is that comments have not served this blog well, in fact comments almost did bring down this blog back in the year 2011 and in part did do so to some extent. Since allowing comments is allowing people to argue and that can have huge negative effects. I have also been having a major issue with spam comments, you don’t see it since I have set-up good filtering system against spam comments. But they remain a problem and have been so for a long time now.

So I am closing down comments on the following blog from now on.

Europe geology blog
Canary Island geology blog
Falkland Islands

I am not closing comments for good. If I have to I am going to open up comment. This applies if an major events takes place in Iceland, Europe and in Canary Islands. If you want to comment, you can do so on my Google+, Facebook page or on my Twitter site.

I hope that people understand why I am following into the footsteps of Popular Science. This needs to be done and often my time is better spent on doing something else than to watch out for comments and spam on this website.

More information on Popular Science decision can be found below

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Blog post updated on 27-September-2013 at 03:02 UTC.