Donations needed for September

If there is one thing that being on social welfare has taught me, it is to avoid being on social welfare at all cost, or at least limit what I get from it if I can. Being on social welfare keeps me broke at all time, every month of the year. Something that I really hate and I plan on getting out of soon as I can do so.

But that is not going to be September-2013, sadly. I am however going to start searching for an part time job here in Denmark (2 – 3 days a week), since I do not want to be broke any more. This website just has to suffer from it, as does my writing in general. I just cannot keep living like this any more, I have given up on it and I do not want to keep doing this broke routine any more.

As for my income from advertisements, due to slow traffic I do not get enough income to be paid on monthly basis. Google adsense has that limit at 600 DKK and currently I am just earning around 120 to 300 DKK a month from Google adsense (yesterday I did just earn 1 DKK (0.13€) from Google adsense and today I just earn 2.69 DKK (0.35€)). Amazon only pays when people buy from it and for the past few months, little has been bought from Amazon so I don’t get paid anything.

As for September, at my current rate I am going to have nothing (or close to nothing) to buy food after I pay my bills and such things. My total bills are not that high also, just around 5130 DKK ( 687.69€), the problem is my low income and for that I hate my current status. I would not due any better in Iceland, since the year 2008 food price has risen up by 68% according to news I did read few weeks ago (but I can’t find the news at the moment for some reason).

While it is quiet in Iceland I have nothing to write about, since this blogs deals with real time events (or close to it), rather than historical accounts of volcanoes. Even if I sometimes write about historical events in Iceland. Currently I do not have much time to do so, since I am writing and taking pictures of nature where I live in Denmark (the pictures can be viewed here). Along with writing this blog and the other blogs that I currently have up and running (even if they are not updated as often I want to).

I want to thank everyone for the support. It helps me alot in this difficult times that I am currently dealing with.