Donations needed for August

If there is one thing bad about being on social welfare, it is how bad my income is. I hope that my short story is going to sell when I publish it next few weeks (the story is ready, but some work still needs to be done), but I still won’t get paid until at least 60 days later after I start selling it. More information about where and when the short story goes on sale is going to be published here. Those who have donated and want a copy for that reason, just drop me a line to let me know so I can email it to you once it is published. For month of August I at least need donations, since the prospect of just eating rise and other cheap food for this month is not appealing to me and never has been.

Donations also help me write on this blog, since I need to buy food and all the normal things that people do. For the advertisements to pay off for me, I need to have at least 3 million page loads a month if I want to survive on that income alone. This aspect is well explained in a recent article on Cracked website, but since I am no-nonsense type of person I do not write sensualism blog posts in order to get traffic to website (unlike many other volcano and earthquake related websites out there), for that reason my pageviews remain rather low (300 to 1200 pr day, sometimes lower), this is applies mostly when nothing is happening in Iceland as is the currently the case at the moment. I am currently considering my own type of humor type of website. It might improve my traffic and income, but currently it is a work in process and I do not know when I might get it up and running. If it ever gets that far to start with.

I am also working on other project that is related to volcano and earthquake activity. I am not sure yet when it enters local beta (it is going to be based on MediaWiki, but I still need to learn how to use it and that is going to take some time) or when it is going to be ready for the internet.

I want to thank everyone how support me. I am thankful for the support in this hard times and it allows me to continue my work on this website and other volcano and earthquake related projects that I currently have. Other volcano and earthquake related projects that I have are Europe geology blog and Icelandic version of this website.

Blog post updated at 19:10 UTC on 8-August-2013.