Infolinks has been deleted from my English blogs

Since Infolinks did disable my websites from their advertising network on the ground that I was using it on my Icelandic blog, while in fact I was not doing so, since it just would not have worked at all (since it is based on English keywords search). I did try and resolve the matter with Infolinks over a email, but no resolve was to be had over this issue, even if I only had Infolinks installed on my English blogs that are in subfolders (that is as an example) on this domain ( They also forbid people to add Infolinks to “unregistered” web sites (even if on the same domain), yet at the same time they do not accept such sites when on same domain because they have already accepted this domain already. Even if this is just one website in question. I find this behavior and level of incompetence not something that I work with and in this case, there was no resolve to be found on this issue.

Since no resolve was to be had in this matter and since I have already tested what they did suggest I needed to do (it did not work then and I do not expect it to work now). I have asked Infolinks to delete my account and refund my earnings to the advertisers in question. I guess that I just have to work with what I got now. Since Infolinks had already been disabled on this blog, I have now disabled the WordPress plugin connected to it. What is left is to just delete them from my WordPress blogs.

I won’t add Infolinks to my blogs again or any of my future blogs. Ever.