Thunderstorm killed my server

Today there has been a large thunderstorm in Denmark, the largest one yet that I have seen so far since I started living here. Currently over 10.000 lightnings have been recorded from all over Denmark when this is written.

My server computer is important, it handles my earthquake counter, traffic monitoring, IPv6 gateway, dns server, local web server that I use to test and learn on web sites and more. So losing it is rather bad for me, this computer is from the year 2003 so it does not have any SATA ports and I cannot just replace the hard drive.

Replacing this computer with a new one is going to cost me at least 298€ (euro). This is the lowest price I have found in Flensburg, Germany in this store. But since I am poor, I do not have money for this computer (in fact, I do not have money for anything at the moment). I at least cannot buy a new computer at the moment.

I am not sure if I am going to get the computer to work, since the problem is that the hard drive is not detected properly. This same hard drive works on my desktop computer without any issue, so I know it is not that. One option that I have is to get a spare computer sent to me that I have in Iceland, but that is going to take some time to get that computer. That however might be my best option if I cannot buy a new computer any time soon.

Because my server is down, I have to delay few projects that I was going to start soon after some basic testing (I do not know how to properly set-up Wikimedia web site yet). I am also not able to track earthquake swarms in Iceland or El Hierro, Canary Islands while my server is down.

After this, I am going start buying backup power units to deal with this type of power issues. I am not sure when I can do so, since I do not really have a lot of money to buy backup power at the moment. I need 3 for my computers and 1 for my television and 1 for other hardware, in total 5 backup power units to keep everything working in order when a large thunderstorm is taking place in Denmark.

Update 1: I am going for the option of having my spare computer sent to me from Iceland. It is the cheapest option and I am not using that computer for anything at the moment.

Update 2: Here is the thunderstorm that broke my server. Along with the thunderstorm that took place this evening, I did thankfully was out of that thunderstorm way, at least for now.

Thunderstorm over Denmark. Copyright of this image belongs to DMI.

Updated map of thunderstorm and lightning in Denmark can be found here on DMI web site.

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2 Replies to “Thunderstorm killed my server”

    1. I am not sure if 800Mhz mini-atx pc would work as a server. Since it handles a lot of heavy IPv6 traffic (Youtube, Facebook, etc).

      It might work as a remote computer for my WinSDR computers that I use in Iceland. I plan on switching them to mini-pc in next few years (or when my money status improves). I also need a computer for my local geophone, since I plan on moving him (perhaps) a little bit in the future if I can.

      It was a big storm yesterday, I am also expecting a new one later today. There is at least risk of it at present time. It might pass by town, or it might not. I just have to wait and see.

      Comment updated at 16:16 on 20-June-2013.

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