End of the email post-list, told to get a job

I want to remind people that I am turning off my email post-list due to cost. The cost of having the email post-list has been going up, since the more member it has the price goes up for me. Sadly, my income of this web site has not been increasing enough to support this expense. So I have have just cut it off my cost list. If people know of cheaper alternative to my current email list, please let me know so I can set it up.

I was told to get a job

I got a donation earlier this month. I was checking my invoice for it in the bank, on the comment I did see the message that I should enjoy the donation and I should also get a job. While I am thankful for the donation, I do not like the message a lot, since it implies that I am not doing any work. Nothing is future from the truth, the reason is simple. Writing is a job, granted that I am not working for big international company and I do not get any regular income from this. It is however a job and has always remained as such, many people due handle writing as just a hobby. That is fine with me, I do however handle writing as a job, even if it pays me little at the moment. That can change, I hope.

Now, I do not waste my time doing nothing when nothing is happening in Iceland. I am currently preparing to write a number of short stories, three large books (more then 300 pages) and more short stories that I hope to publish on Tor.com (if they accept me to start with). I hope that all this work, is in the end going to increase my income so that I can properly pay my bills without a issue. For the moment, I am mostly just surviving on my social welfare from Iceland, that is not easy due to my income – debt ratio. That ratio is improving and thanks to the donation I got earlier this month (the one who told me to get a job) I was able to pay down my glasses for good. There is some debt left to pay for me, but things are getting more manageable now from few months ago. I still have problems, but what is important is the fact things are getting better for me money wise. Donation however help me keep things working and I am continuing cutting down cost where I can afford it, since I need to and I just cannot afford to have everything for this blog while my income is at such low levels as it is now.

I just hope that my e-book publishing is going to fix this in the future, but I won’t believe it until I see it. So until then, I am making the best of what I have at the moment.

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  1. I didn’t make that donation or offer that comment. But I agree with it–even if the tone of it wasn’t warm or kind.

    I suspect many of the folks who follow this site are similar to you: people for whom a great passion is not a livelihood–in fact it incurs expenses. Which means financing things through other paid work. I am a writer, ostensibly, but the sort of writing I love to do will not pay my expenses. So I have other paid work.

    1. The thing actually is, it is a full time job to have this blog. Even a bit more then that.

      I plan on making my writing pay the bills in the end, but I guess it won’t be trough blogging. Rather self e-book publishing and such things.

      Here is a good list of the most wealthy ones. The #1 on this published 14 titles in the year 2011.



      It is clear that I can make money out of writing. I just have to do it properly and in good time.

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