Donations needed for May

As always I need donations, since its cost to run this web page and there is a lot of work put into writing on this blog. Monitoring earthquakes and checking data, science studies and so on. Since I run my web on advertisement (more on that below). I also a poor writer at the moment, when all the bills are paid this month then I have less then 53 euro to survive this month. This status is going to last for me the next 12 months at least, after that it is going to improve. Since I have to pay down debt with my bank in Iceland, my current plan says that I am going to be debt free with my Icelandic bank in the year 2017. That might change if my income increases. I am not sure when I am going to be completely debt free, but I hope that is going to be around the same time.


I get some income from Google Adsense. It is not much at the moment, around 30 euro during the month, or around 0.30 euro cent a day. I also have Amazon Advertisements, but I get paid for those when it is bought trough my Amazon advertisement. At the moment, I have little income from that. Nothing that pays at the moment. I am currently waiting for Google Adsense pin code, I do hope it has not been lost in the mail. I have been waiting for 4 weeks now for this pin code. If it has been lost in the mail, I have to order a new one and wait some more.

End of the email post list

I am going to close down my email post list at the end of this month. The reason for this is the cost. Currently this email post-list costs me around $4.95, with more users however this cost is going to increase with time. I am going to try and find new email list service that costs (just one payment for unlimited amount of users on my email list) less then my current email list provider. As it is going I am seeing that I cannot handle the cost for this email list in about 24 to 48 month periods. The email post-list is going to be active until the end of May, then I am going to close it down permanently. I am going to try and find new provider for this service, any suggestions are welcomed.

Future plans

I have found out that with my self that I need more people not less. For that reason I am going to move to Frankfurt, Germany in few years time. I am not sure when exactly when that happens, I am going to move when I have the income to do so. So that is going to take a while, at least until I have published some books and I hope that income from those books that I am planning. To start with however I am just going to move to Flensburg in Germany. That is going to be a short move, only about 8 km, I am going to do this since it takes me two years to close all loose ends in Denmark and I might not have the money to move to Frankfurt, even if I am going to have the money to live Flensburg, Germany. During this change, I am also going to stop my local recording of earthquakes. Since big towns and cities are not good to record earthquakes due to human noise (cars, people, trains, buses etc). This can already be seen on my Bov, Denmark geophone station. All the road and train traffic appears clearly on my geophone all hours of the day.


I did open up a new web page some while ago. That web page has the name stories and can be found here. I am going to post there short stories at various length. Stories that I am not going to publish as e-books. This is both for practice and I hope that it is going to increase my income since I really need it. I hope that my stories are going to get larger audience then my science blogs, that often get really little traffic at times when nothing is happening in Iceland and Europe. It takes time to write short stories, just as long stories. I hope to have something there soon, since I am often working on stories in my mind that are perfect for this type of publishing.


I have started again to add pictures to my Flicker account. It can be found here, I am going to add pictures when I can. Since it is a free account however, I can only add so many pictures during the month. I plan on adding as many pictures that I am allowed, but I do take a lot of pictures on my long walks (that is why I have blisters on my foot and ruined shoes and I cannot afford to buy new ones at the moment).