Minor earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes Ridge on the 29th of May

On the 29th of May (2013) a minor earthquake swarm took place on the Reykjanes Ridge. The largest earthquake in this swarm had the magnitude of 2.3, the depth range in this earthquake swarm was about 5.5 to 12 km. This was just a minor earthquake swarm, it also did not last long.

The earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes Ridge on 29th of May 2013. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

This area of the Reykjanes ridge is highly active, only about three weeks ago there was a strong earthquake swarm in this area. This might just be a aftershock activity from that, it is however difficult to know for sure. I am expecting more earthquakes in this area in next few weeks to months.

End of the email post-list, told to get a job

I want to remind people that I am turning off my email post-list due to cost. The cost of having the email post-list has been going up, since the more member it has the price goes up for me. Sadly, my income of this web site has not been increasing enough to support this expense. So I have have just cut it off my cost list. If people know of cheaper alternative to my current email list, please let me know so I can set it up.

I was told to get a job

I got a donation earlier this month. I was checking my invoice for it in the bank, on the comment I did see the message that I should enjoy the donation and I should also get a job. While I am thankful for the donation, I do not like the message a lot, since it implies that I am not doing any work. Nothing is future from the truth, the reason is simple. Writing is a job, granted that I am not working for big international company and I do not get any regular income from this. It is however a job and has always remained as such, many people due handle writing as just a hobby. That is fine with me, I do however handle writing as a job, even if it pays me little at the moment. That can change, I hope.

Now, I do not waste my time doing nothing when nothing is happening in Iceland. I am currently preparing to write a number of short stories, three large books (more then 300 pages) and more short stories that I hope to publish on Tor.com (if they accept me to start with). I hope that all this work, is in the end going to increase my income so that I can properly pay my bills without a issue. For the moment, I am mostly just surviving on my social welfare from Iceland, that is not easy due to my income – debt ratio. That ratio is improving and thanks to the donation I got earlier this month (the one who told me to get a job) I was able to pay down my glasses for good. There is some debt left to pay for me, but things are getting more manageable now from few months ago. I still have problems, but what is important is the fact things are getting better for me money wise. Donation however help me keep things working and I am continuing cutting down cost where I can afford it, since I need to and I just cannot afford to have everything for this blog while my income is at such low levels as it is now.

I just hope that my e-book publishing is going to fix this in the future, but I won’t believe it until I see it. So until then, I am making the best of what I have at the moment.

Earthquake swarm on Reykjanes Ridge on 19th of May, increased volcano monitoring in Iceland and more

I am sorry for lack of blog posts for the past few days, the reasons for this lack of blog post is that it has been quiet in Iceland for past two weeks. Money issues have also been heavy on me for the past few months and it drains you slowly, but it does drain you in the long run. This has affected my writing in the short term, both here on this blog and what I am creating in my short stories and books, so this have become self feeding circle that is hard to break out of, I just hope to break out of it soon. I did get a large donation this month, it has helped me greatly in paying down some of my debt and in the progress lower my monthly payments down a little. I also got a help from people I know here locally (this was before I got the donation and was expecting to survive on €30 for the rest of this month).

Some of my loans are also going to be paid up soon, I for instance only have three payments left on my washing machine. With the last payment due to take place in August. This is going to make my life a bit more easy, since it lowers my payment threshold a bit. I still have some big debt to pay down and it is going to take some time to pay it down. Since my social welfare from Iceland is low and I do not expect it to improve any time soon. I am going to pay down my debt faster as my income increases, but it might take a while until that happens.

Getting into money issues have been a bit of a drag for me, not surprising since often I have had no money for food in the past several months (8 months as it now stands). Some months have been worse then others, this is not a budget issue as such. I am currently having stripped budget and not spending anything extra if I can avoid it. This is going to be a temporary measure for me, I am going to end it once my income has increased to such levels that I am no longer poor. When that is going to be I do not know, it depends on how my books and short stories are going to be doing in the book market, the book market is not a easy market to work with. Since there are many writers out there and a lot of publishing taking place every day of the year.

As for moving again, it is not going to happen for the next few years. Since I am going to stay here in Bov, Padborg for the next few years, I might in the end just stay here for the rest of my life. I am not sure what I am going to do in the long run. I often change my mind, since I sometimes have issues with figuring my self out. I am bit open about it, and that bother some people who do not like my sudden change of heart.

Earthquake swarm deep on Reykjanes Ridge on 19th of May

During late night on 19th of May a magnitude 4.2 earthquake too place deep on the Reykjanes Ridge, a total of three to four earthquakes where detected on my geophone network at the time. I do not have exact magnitude for those earthquakes, I am guessing there magnitude was around 2.9 to 3.5 at least, it is not confirmed as is and it might never be confirmed. EMSC has more information on the magnitude 4.2 earthquake here.

Increased volcano monitoring in Iceland

BBC News has interesting news article about increased volcano monitoring in Iceland, due to the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in the year 2010. There is a ongoing project in Iceland with BGS and IMO to increase the monitoring of Iceland volcanoes, I do not know what volcanoes they are going to increase the monitoring. It can be assumed it is going to be the most active ones, Katla, Hekla, Grímsfjall and so on. I do not know what they are going to do about less active volcanoes like Snæfellsjökull and other volcanoes in that area, currently Snæfellsjökull volcano is not being monitored at all, or other volcanoes on the Snæfells peninsula. This increased monitoring of volcanoes in Iceland is going help detect when volcanoes are ready to erupt, or just play a simple bluff on the monitoring system.

The BBC News can be found here below. I recommend watching the video that is with this news article.

Volcano project scours Iceland for early warning signals (BBC News)

Technical help needed for a script issue

I need some technical help, for the reason that I am not a programmer and I never have. I guess that I never am going to be one, since I lack the talent of doing numerical math (I possibly have dyscalculia).

I problem is this, I run a internal counter on my local server. This counter helps me by telling me the total number of earthquakes during the day, week, month and a year in Iceland, it is really useful when large earthquake swarm takes place.

I used Gentoo Linux on my server, but I have now moved over to FreeBSD for technical and practical reasons. The move to FreeBSD did work as I expected, with the exception of this counter, it does not work in FreeBSD, I do not get any reading to mrtg (the counter software). The script I have been testing work when run from command line, but when I run the cron job on them. Nothing more happens and no data is handed over to mrtg.

Here are the scripts,


#earthquake count shell V0.0.6

TODAYSDATE=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
#TODAYSDATE=`date +%Y/%m/%d`
#TODAYSDATE=`date +%Y-%m-%d`

COUNT=`lynx -dump ${URL} | grep ${TODAYSDATE} | grep -vi updated | wc -l`
#COUNT=`wget -O ${URL} | grep ${TODAYSDATE} | grep -vi updated | wc -l`
echo ${COUNT}
echo ${COUNT}
#echo ${COUNT}
#echo “uptime”
#echo “hostname”

exit 0

This script does not give me any error, but no data is handed over to mrtg as it did in Gentoo Linux. I do not know why that it and I have been unable to resolve this issue.

The second script I was testing is this one here, more details and discussions can be found here on FreeBSD forum.


#earthquake count shell V0.0.7

TODAY=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
HOURS=`date +%H`
MINUTES=`date +%M`

NOW=`echo “($HOURS * 60) + $MINUTES” | bc`
EARTHNUM=`wget –quiet -O – $URL | grep $TODAY | grep -vci updated`

if [ $OUT ]; then
touch $OUT

echo “$NOW $EARTHNUM” >> $OUT

exit 0

When run in mrtg, I get this error here. The script runs without a issue when run it from command line.

2013-05-20 22:46:09: WARNING: Could not get any data from external command ‘/usr/local/etc/mrtg/eq.imo.sh’
Maybe the external command did not even start. (Illegal seek)

2013-05-20 22:46:09: WARNING: Problem with External get ‘/usr/local/etc/mrtg/eq.imo.sh’:
Expected a Number for ‘in’ but nothing’

2013-05-20 22:46:09: WARNING: Problem with External get ‘/usr/local/etc/mrtg/eq.imo.sh’:
Expected a Number for ‘out’ but nothing’

2013-05-20 22:46:09: ERROR: Target[localhost_eq][_IN_] ‘ $target->[0]{$mode} ‘ did not eval into defined data
2013-05-20 22:46:09: ERROR: Target[localhost_eq][_OUT_] ‘ $target->[0]{$mode} ‘ did not eval into defined data

I am bit lost what is the issue here, since the script works from command line. If anyone out there has any idea what this might be. A help is most welcomed in this matter, since I am no programmer at all and I have little understanding on how to deal with this problem.

All quiet in Iceland at the moment

Currently everything is quiet in Iceland, some earthquake activity has been taking place. It is not big or significant at the moment, if that is going to change I do not know yet. So currently there is nothing to report from Iceland at the moment, this quiet period allows me to take a little break from writing about earthquakes and attend to other things that interest me. I have also been fixing my server computer, it took longer time then expected and it did really strain me doing so. For that reason, I needed a little break for a few days.

If people want to check out my other hobbies, they can do so here on Flickr web site.

Strong earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes Ridge

Last night a earthquake swarm started on the Reykjanes Ridge, this earthquake swarm started slowly with just few minor earthquakes. It however did pick up later today with stronger earthquakes and more activity. Strong earthquakes in this swarm so far have had the magnitude 4.5 and 4.7 according to USGS/EMSC. There have been over 10 magnitude 3+ earthquakes, there is also a chance of more earthquakes with the magnitude above 4.0+ in next few hours to days. According to Icelandic Meteorological Office, there have been over 310 earthquakes in this area today (my counter is still offline, more on that later in this blog post).

This earthquake swarm has been showing the pattern of stopping and then continue for few hours, and repeating this pattern. This sometimes happens in earthquake swarms on the Reykjanes Ridge, why that is I do not know. Last eruption in this area was sometimes on the 18th or 19th century I think. If this activity is connected to volcano activity it is too early to know at the moment, at the moment there is nothing that suggest that is the case. That might however change without a warning if that is the case. This volcano is located out in the ocean, so it is poorly monitored so current status of it is impossible to know for certain. Currently there are no harmonics being detected, just normal earthquake activity and nothing else.

Earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes Ridge. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Trace showing how the evolution of the earthquake swarm has been for the past few hours.Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

It is difficult to know for sure what happens next in this earthquake swarm. It is clear for the moment that this earthquake swarm is in full force as is, so more earthquake activity is to be expected. This earthquake activity can be monitored here, on my webicorder web site. It is updated every 5 min.


I am sorry for this late blog post, but I always use some time to see how earthquake swarm evolve and what happens in them before I write, unless there is a really big earthquake with magnitude 50 or larger.

I have also been busy today trying to get my server computer back up and running, it has been working somewhat but I had to start from scratch again due to technical issues with few things. I am running FreeBSD on my server computer now. Since I am moving away from Linux solutions and it has been more of a challenge then I expected. I hope to have everything worked out now, so I hope to have my server computer up and running properly tomorrow. Since I know what I did wrong first time around and I did avoid it this time around, so I am not expecting any problems in setting up FreeBSD properly this time around.

I also want to point out that donations help me running this blog, since my financial status is not as strong that I wanted it to be. Thanks for the help.

Blog post updated at 13:26 UTC on 11. May 2013.

EasyJet transports one ton of volcano ash from Iceland to UK

The low fair airliner EasyJet has transported one ton of volcano ash from Eyjafjallajökll volcano to UK from Iceland. The propose for doing this is to test jet engines against the volcano ash and too see what type of damage they do, two jets from Airbus are going to be used.

This news was reported by Rúv and can be read here below. It was also reported by ITV in English and that can be found here below.

Tonn af ösku flutt til Bretlands (Rúv.is)
Fluttu tonn af ösku frá Íslandi (mbl.is)
Tonne of ash to be used in flight test (ITV News)

Donations needed for May

As always I need donations, since its cost to run this web page and there is a lot of work put into writing on this blog. Monitoring earthquakes and checking data, science studies and so on. Since I run my web on advertisement (more on that below). I also a poor writer at the moment, when all the bills are paid this month then I have less then 53 euro to survive this month. This status is going to last for me the next 12 months at least, after that it is going to improve. Since I have to pay down debt with my bank in Iceland, my current plan says that I am going to be debt free with my Icelandic bank in the year 2017. That might change if my income increases. I am not sure when I am going to be completely debt free, but I hope that is going to be around the same time.


I get some income from Google Adsense. It is not much at the moment, around 30 euro during the month, or around 0.30 euro cent a day. I also have Amazon Advertisements, but I get paid for those when it is bought trough my Amazon advertisement. At the moment, I have little income from that. Nothing that pays at the moment. I am currently waiting for Google Adsense pin code, I do hope it has not been lost in the mail. I have been waiting for 4 weeks now for this pin code. If it has been lost in the mail, I have to order a new one and wait some more.

End of the email post list

I am going to close down my email post list at the end of this month. The reason for this is the cost. Currently this email post-list costs me around $4.95, with more users however this cost is going to increase with time. I am going to try and find new email list service that costs (just one payment for unlimited amount of users on my email list) less then my current email list provider. As it is going I am seeing that I cannot handle the cost for this email list in about 24 to 48 month periods. The email post-list is going to be active until the end of May, then I am going to close it down permanently. I am going to try and find new provider for this service, any suggestions are welcomed.

Future plans

I have found out that with my self that I need more people not less. For that reason I am going to move to Frankfurt, Germany in few years time. I am not sure when exactly when that happens, I am going to move when I have the income to do so. So that is going to take a while, at least until I have published some books and I hope that income from those books that I am planning. To start with however I am just going to move to Flensburg in Germany. That is going to be a short move, only about 8 km, I am going to do this since it takes me two years to close all loose ends in Denmark and I might not have the money to move to Frankfurt, even if I am going to have the money to live Flensburg, Germany. During this change, I am also going to stop my local recording of earthquakes. Since big towns and cities are not good to record earthquakes due to human noise (cars, people, trains, buses etc). This can already be seen on my Bov, Denmark geophone station. All the road and train traffic appears clearly on my geophone all hours of the day.


I did open up a new web page some while ago. That web page has the name stories and can be found here. I am going to post there short stories at various length. Stories that I am not going to publish as e-books. This is both for practice and I hope that it is going to increase my income since I really need it. I hope that my stories are going to get larger audience then my science blogs, that often get really little traffic at times when nothing is happening in Iceland and Europe. It takes time to write short stories, just as long stories. I hope to have something there soon, since I am often working on stories in my mind that are perfect for this type of publishing.


I have started again to add pictures to my Flicker account. It can be found here, I am going to add pictures when I can. Since it is a free account however, I can only add so many pictures during the month. I plan on adding as many pictures that I am allowed, but I do take a lot of pictures on my long walks (that is why I have blisters on my foot and ruined shoes and I cannot afford to buy new ones at the moment).

Earthquake in Hekla volcano

Today (04.05.2013) at 05:06 UTC a magnitude 1.5 earthquake took place in Hekla volcano. This earthquake had the depth of 7.8 km. No other earthquakes have so far taken place following this earthquake and no change has taken place in tremor plots around Hekla volcano. This earthquake follows a pattern of earthquakes that have been taking place in Hekla volcano for the past several weeks.

The earthquake in Hekla volcano. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

My Heklubyggð geophone is currently offline due to network problems in the area. I do not know when they are going to be resolved, it might take few days. Data is being recorded currently if the computer that handles this task is up and running.

Earthquake swarm deep off the south coast of Iceland

Yesterday (02.05.2013) at 06:08 UTC there was a earthquake swarm deep off the south coast of Iceland. This earthquake swarm was around 300 km south of Iceland. I do not know if there are any volcanoes in this area, at least nothing is documented. Depth of the ocean in this area is around 3 to 4 km, or more. Icelandic Meteorological Office did register two earthquakes from this area. The location is a good estimate at best. Since the SIL network has problems locating earthquakes this far out in the ocean.

The green star marks the location of this earthquake swarm. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

I did record this earthquakes on my geophone network. This earthquake activity was clearly seen on Skeiðflöt geophone stations, but also in Heklubyggð geophone stations. The data from my geophone network suggests that this earthquake had stronger magnitude then ML3.0 as it is registered with Icelandic Meteorological Office. Estimating magnitude of earthquake this far away from the SIL network is difficult at best, so its magnitude is at best too low. I do not know by how much it is.

The earthquake as it did appear on Skeiðflöt geophone station. This image is released under Creative Commons licence. Please see licence page for more details.

It is possible that more earthquakes did take place in this location. The SIL network did record one (and my geophones too) at 03:56 UTC, that earthquake was smaller but at the same location. So this was most likely a earthquake swarm taking place in this location. I do not know if there are any volcanoes in this area, it might well be. If that is the case, it is unknown and undocumented as is and is going to be that for a while now.