Donations needed for April

I know this is little late for this blog post. But there has been a lot of activity in Iceland in start of April. This has kept me busy on writing about it and kept the traffic high. That has also brought in some income from the Google Adsense that I have. But this is not nearly enough since I cannot make a living out of it just yet. For my 10+ hours that I spend watching earthquakes and prepare my self for writing about it I get awfully little pay for a lot of work. I also pay for my geophone network in terms of hardware (at two stations, two stations I have hardware on loan for the moment). That includes internet link in two places. The geophone network allows people to monitor earthquake activity in Iceland in close to real time.

I have got my debt problem under control. But that leaves me with little to live on. I have no money if anything happens. But that is exactly what has happened today with me. Now it is a dental emergency. I have a failed fix on a tooth. Since it is too expensive to repair the tooth (this is a wisdom tooth). But the removal of this tooth is going to cost me 1600 DKK (214.63€) and up to 2074 DKK (278.19€), there is a difference here of 474 DKK (63€). Money that I needed to get on a loan from the bank. If it is not removed. I risk breaking it (since it is already heavily damaged) and if that happens. The cost of removing what is left of the tooth in that case is even more expensive. So it is better to do it now then later. Since later might mean more cost for me and more time with the dentist.

As for my income of the Google Adsense. Here is a good example of how long it takes me to reach the minimum pay here in Denmark. The minimum pay is often 17000 DKK (2,280.22€). At current rate I am getting around 200 DKK (26.83€) to 300 DKK (40.21€) a month from this web site in just advertisement revenue. For simplification, lets just say that I get 250 DKK (33.53€) a month from my web sites in advertisement revenue when things are slow. But that is most of the time. To figure out how long it takes me to get up to the minimum pay here in Denmark on advertisement revenue only I do this. 17000 / 250 = 68 (this is number of months) / 12 = 5.6 years. So it takes me 5,6 years to get up the minimum pay here in Denmark if I just use the Google advertisement income. I do get some income from Amazon. But it is little it actually does not count for anything at the moment.

The reason for little traffic is simple. This is highly specialized blog. With limited reader group most of the time. But I do hope that this changes when I start posting stories on my story web site that can be found here. But it takes me a while to think up a story and write it.

Thanks for the support. It really does count when I actually do not have any money at all. That is all of the time now to my horror during this past few months. Something that I really hate as I have spoken about before in older blog post and I do not have to repeat here now.