Magnitude 3.5 earthquake south of Langjökull glacier

Today at 17:24 UTC a magnitude 3.5 earthquake took place south of Langjökull glacier. This earthquake had pre-earthquakes with the magnitudes from 2.1 and up 2.8. There where also several smaller earthquakes at the same location. This earthquake did appear clearly on my geophones in south and north Iceland. My webicorders can be viewed here.

Langjökull earthquake activity today. Copyright of this picture belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

This appears to be normal tectonic earthquake swarm that are common for this area. They are not related to any volcano activity at present time. But this area often has earthquake activity with it being connected to any volcano activity. The earthquake swarm is continuing when this blog post is published. This earthquake swarm might stop at any time, or pick up at any time without a warning. If that happens. I am going to write a new blog post about it soon as possible.