Spam protection on registering new users

This is a sticky blog post. Please look at the newest one below this one.

I have put up rather heavy spam protection when users are registering. The reason is simple. This blog is getting flooded by spam registration and I cannot have that. Just in the past 24 hours that spam system has stopped 678 spam bots from registering (multiple tries). I am not saying this is going to stop all of the spam bots (I delete spam bots when I see comments from them). But it is going to stop many of them.

If you are going to register please follow the on screen guide. Do not register multiple times if your first attempt fails. Contact me or just wait 10 days and then try again. It might take some time for the email to arrive in some cases. This is not always the case and you should get your registration email right away.

If you are having problems with this new system please let me know so I can attempt to solve it for you.