Donations needed for march [updated]

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Current status of my debt problems

I hate debt. I really do. After this is over. I am never going to fall into debt again. I have banned my self from ever taking a loan again. Even for an house. Currently I have managed to get my debt under control in Denmark. This means that I can pay an lower amount each month until the debt is over. The first debt that I finish paying up is going to take place in August 2013. The second on in June 2014 if nothing changes. I am only going to change it so I finish sooner. Not the other way around.

As things currently stand. I am going to finish paying off the debt that I need to pay off right now in June 2014. I do still have debt in Denmark. But I am going to pay it up in whole (9000 DKK) once I have paid everything else up. Since this is an danish Kommune loan that I got there and it is interest free for 5 years. At least that I have been told so far.

My debt in Iceland is bigger. But I am now managing it in the way as I now manage all my debt. With my current plan I am going to be finished paying that off in October 2016. I do hope that I can speed those payments up soon as possible. Since this is a overdraft loan and they carry high interest rate.

Current status in general

With my debt in order this should start to get better. However this does not leave me with a lot of live on during the month. But it is still better then what I have had to deal with during the months of January to March 2013. It at least leaves me with something to buy food with during the month. Not a lot, but something. I take something a lot more then nothing any day of the week.

As for March 2013. I have gotten few donations (thank you!). But I am not sure that if it is going to cover all of my food cost this month. But I have prepared for the worst and I am now hoping for the best.
I am also getting my money back from some service that I have now cancelled for good. When that money comes I do not know. I might well have to wait until April until I get it.

Update 1: I now have got repayments from the service I did cancel. This is not a lot of money. But makes the rest of this month a bit easier.


I offer anyone how wants an e-book after they have donated to me. But you have to let me know. Some people might not want an e-book from me for there donations. So just drop me a email with the subject line “e-book” and your paypal donation email address if you want an e-book from me for your donations. Thanks!

I am trying to work hard writing books and short stories. But I find it bit hard with all this money issues. It is going to get easier since I have managed to take control of my debt issue.

Google Adsense

I have finally been approved again into Google Adsense. This means some replacement of advertisement. I am still going to have Amazon advertisements on my blog and English part of my webicorder web site. But I can only have it on part of my blogs, since Google Adsense does not support the Icelandic language (I also blog in Icelandic). But this means better income for me again when something happening. What I have learned from is this. Never do something hasty as I sometimes do. I am not going to remove my Google Adsense account again in the future. But I am going to limit it to my English blogs only. Icelandic blogs and webicorder web site are going to remain Amazon advertisement only.

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