Donation needed for March

Update 4: While it is only 5th March. I am seeing into the issue of not being able to buy food this month after my last bill has been paid. Sad but true.

As always I need donations to keep up running in March. My financial issues are improving. Mostly because my debt in Denmark is dropping at rather fast rate. The problem however is that my debt in Iceland is increasing instead. The main reason for this simple. My income from Iceland is small. Both by Icelandic standards and Danish standards. Icelandic Króna and Danish Krone exchange rate ( also play a role in my problems today.

My debt problem is also a issue when dealing with this little income. As it makes it harder for me to pay everything that I need to pay (even if I do not spend on anything at all). My total income in DKK is just 7.298,60 (today exchange rate), €978,88. This is how it has been for me during the past 3 months (4 months if counting December 2012). With February 2013 being the worst of them all. Where I was about 5500 DKK in bills that I was unable to pay. But I did get a little help from the bank and I got a loan from mom and dad (more debt) to pay the electric bill after asking the electronic company to delay the payment (that did cost me 100 DKK + around 15% interest rate) until 1. March. But I did pay the electric bill in February so that is now finished without any major issues (more debt).

I have cancelled my cable subscription. It was of no use to my and did only cost me money. I have also cancelled my account, so anyone using that web address should update there bookmarks. Since the new location of my webicorder web page is this one here.

Update 3: I have managed to get the loans that I have in such way that I now pay lower amount each month over longer period. It is not ideal solution for me. But it is a solution that works. Since I can now pay it and not have any issues with the payment as before. This should apply in full from May, but in part in April. I just have one bill left to pay (hot water, it costs 450 DKK). But once that has been paid. I have nothing else left. No money for food, or at least extremely little money to buy food (I am not sure yet what is going to be left when the time comes). I have taken steps if that is the actual result so I do not starve in the month of March. But this is not going to be easy for me. Far from it.

I have also made up my mind. Never again shall I get into this type of mess. I am going to pay my debt and this is going to be the end of it. I am never going to take a new loan again. This rule is going to be valid for the rest of my life from now on. I am going to finish paying what I owe the bank, the Aabenraa kommune and my mom and dad. Then this is going to be the end of it. I am also going to do my best to increase my income up to a proper level so that I am not having money issues all the time.

Status of March 2013

My current status of March 2013 is that I do not have any money to pay for food. I did manage to pay all the bills by increasing the debt a little (again). But I am not sure if I can do so again in April. Since my bank in Iceland is already higher in debt then I want to have it. I hate this types of issues. I really, really do so.

Amazon advertisements

Amazon advertisements work by sale. Not by click. So if you want to support me via Amazon then you have to buy and ship something too you. Returning something later does not work. Since then it is just deducted away from my sale income at Amazon. I get 5 to 5.50% of every sale. Sometimes I get 10% when there are offers ongoing.

The month of April

The month of April is the last of the big money problem months (according to what I have been seeing. I hope that I am correct). But I am already at the end of what the bank can help me with. At least I do not expect any help from him in April. Since according to my electric bill. The last payment on my washing machine + blu-ray player is going to take place in April. My last payment on my glasses is going to take place in May. The reason for the last payment on the washing machine + blu-ray player is in April is the fact that I seems to be paying quarterly amount every month now. Not just monthly amount as I would expect to happen. Why that is I do not know. But it is creating this issue. While I am paying down my debt faster. It is also creating the issue that I am having problems paying all of my bills and have something to buy food with. Currently I have no money to buy food and I am still having with the bills in April. But if that is the last payment in April. It is clear that April is going to be difficult if I am not able to increase my income.

Update 2: I am hoping to resolve the issue of April by having the amount I have to pay down the loans I have over a bit longer period then they are now. That is the only thing I can do at the moment. I do not expect it to be a problem with the companies in question that I have debt with. At least I hope so.

Update 2b: I did manage to get a better payment on my loans here in Denmark. In all cases the payments are now monthly, not every 2 months as before. This means I now pay lower each month until the payment is over. For the glasses I did buy the payments are now over longer period of time and at the same time lower. This makes things easier for me in the long run. If I have any extra income. I am going to focus it so that I can pay down my debt faster. But my debt (not my bills) is the source of my money problem. This I am going to resolve as I have sad before here on this blog post.

Job searching

I am continuing to search for a job here in Denmark. I am looking for any type of job at Be it temporary or permanent one. Anything to increase my income is welcomed by me. Even if it is a hard job for me and takes away me time from writing. That is just how it got to be.

Update 1: I did just apply for a temporary job. It is not a lot. Just weekend job for 2 x 12 hour shifts. I do not know if I get it. But I really hope so. It is not a job that require any special education from the description of it.

Writing books

I have sad that I am going to give people who donate to me ebooks. I am going to keep it. Be that short stories or whole books. But it takes time for me to write those stories. But so far I have finished a re-write of a icelandic story that I did write in the year 2003. The original story was a mess. So it was easier for me to write it up from ground up again. Anyone how has donated in Iceland and reads Icelandic gets this story. When I am finished translating it into English I am going to send it to those how have donated and want ebooks from me. Just let me know in a comment here.


Donations help me keep this running. Donations also help me keeping my self running since I am on low income at the moment. I do not know if any book sales is going to change that. But at least I hope so. Thank you for the support as always.

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