Donations and Amazon advertisements (how they work)

This blog is free. But running it is not. So I ask for donations to keep it going. Along with having advertisements on it from Amazon. There are two types of donations that people can use. The regular one. Where people can donate from 10 to 50€ monthly or 100 to 500€ once a year. It is also possible to donate free amount with the regular donation button. Every donation helps me running this web site and doing my job properly in keeping everyone up to date on what is taking place in Iceland.

Amazon advertisements

I did stop using Google Adsense in start of February 2013 when I planned going advertisement free. But after I got pointed out that might not be such a good idea. I added advertisements again to this blog. I was unable to get back into Google adsense for the reasons of not having enough content on my blog (no other reason given). I have a new Google adsense account. But that is just for my youtube channel so I can maybe make money of my youtube videos (I am not sure that is going to work in real terms. But I can always hope).

Unlike Google Adsense. Amazon advertisement works by sale, not by click or page views. This means people have to buy something so I can get any money from it. But I get 5.00 to 5.50% of the sale price. Sometimes that can go up to 10% of the sale price. Price of the product being bought does not matter. I always get this part of the sale from Amazon if people buy it from the Amazon advertisement I have on my blog(s) and webicorder web site. I setup Amazon advertisement based on where the traffic is coming from and I am going to rotate them regularly.