Advertisement added again to the blog

Sometimes I am such an confused person. But that is just the way I am sometimes (specially when I am stressed out because of my elongation money issue). But a reader left me a comment on not having advertisements. He made an argument that I should keep having advertisements on my blog. I have accepted that argument in full. So am going to have advertisements again on my blog. But just in limited amount (unlike before in my view). All Amazon related advertisements can be found here from now on. Not on my front page like before.

Thanks for understanding my issue on this matter. It won’t happen again. I am going to make sure of it.

Update 1: If I cannot get back into Google Adsense. I am just going to use Amazon advertisements before. While I do not get pr-click on Amazon. I get by sale with Amazon advertisements. I am not expecting to get back into Google Adsense. Since they have changed to rules or something like that. Not sure what is going on in that company. But it is none of my concern anyway.

Update 2: I didn’t get back to Google Adsense due to some new rules that claimed that I had “Insufficient content” on my blog. Why that is I do not know, since there is a lot of material on this blog and my other blogs. But traffic is low (it is claimed that Google Adsense now rejects blogs when that is the case. This has been claimed on many web sites that I have been reading up on this issue. This review progress appears to be automatic and done by robots. Not human beings). For that reason I am just going to be using Amazon (UK/DE/FR/ES/US/CA) advertisements. They work not by traffic. But by what is sold and shipped. So traffic is not a big factor in my income when using Amazon advertisement.

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