I am sorry for lack of blog posts recently

I am sorry for lack of blog post recently. But the financial issues that I have been having have been taking up a lot of my time recently. I am not even close to resolve them. But I have now applied for a job that does not require any education as such. I have to do this. I have no other option. If I do not do this. I have to move back to Iceland and I rather do not want to do this. Since living in Bov, Padborg makes me feel like home.

The job I did apply for is to hire right away. That means if I get it I start the day after (or something like it). So the adjustment is going to be fast for me. This also means less blog posts for me and I am not going to be able to post close to real time information if something happens in Iceland, Canary Islands and Europe if anything happens. But that is just how it has to be. Since I cannot live in my current income in Denmark. So this is the way it has to be. I just really hope that I get this job since I really need it. I am going to post information if I get the job I did apply to or not. For reasons of security. I not going to tell people where I am going to be working. If I get the job to start with.