No advertisement on my blogs and webicorder websites anymore

This blog is now advertisement free (all my blogs are now advertisement free). I did do this since advertisements where not really giving me high income. They where also taking up a lot of space on my blog and influencing the loading time of this website for people. I am instead going to relay on donations from people to keep this blog running. But I have to deal with some cost running this blog and my webicorder network in Iceland.

As always. People how donate get an e-book from me when I have something ready on that front. But it takes time for me to write books. As I have to allow creative matters work on it’s own when it comes to ideas and such things.

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  1. Hey Jon,
    Over the past couple of years I have enjoyed your blog and did my occasional donations which I will continue in the future too.
    But in my opinion you should keep the advertisements running, even if it only earns you very little now. If one day something significant happens and traffic does pick up again you will be very happy you still have it in place…
    Keep up the good work!


    1. I will take your advice under consideration. If I do change my policy again (that might happen, since I have often problem figuring out what I want). I am going to notify people about it with a short blog post.

      But my income from advertisement has been little and I have found them to be intrusive in some part. I have a new Google adsense account since two days after I did close my old one down. Google announced Youtube Denmark and now allows me to make money from my Youtube channel. That is also a factor.

      If I am going to install advertisement again into my blog. I am only going to be using Google Adsense and maybe Infolinks like before (I just have to email them again). I am going to think it over for few moments now (this is not complex matter in reality).

  2. I have accepted your argument on this 3zie. I am going to add advertisement again on my blog. But only in limited amount. Just Google Adsense and Infolinks. I am not going to have Amazon advertisements as before.

    I am now working on getting my new Google Adsense account approved again. I hope it passes. I have emailed Infolinks on re-opening my account if that is possible.

    But I am going to point people towards items that Amazon is selling about Iceland here on my blog (see link below).

      1. It seems that I might not make it trough Google Adsense needle eye, within there own needle (they are now really strict it seems. They might not like low traffic blogs).

        If that is the case and I cannot get a active Google Adsense account (they have already rejected by blog once now). I am just going to use Amazon advertisement on my blog. I earn from that by sale, not by click. But the result should be about the same income wise.

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