Donations needed for January

As always this months. I am broke after paying all my bills. I have explained this before. So I don’t see any reason to do so again. But what I can add is that I am working hard to fix this (with the help from my bank as can be helped. But this is a long standing problem at the moment and my bank has limits). But this progress is far from easy and I am doing my best in this regards.

The case now however is that I have no way to reach my budget ends together this month. In fact. I am not sure even how I am going to buy food this month. I am being serious on that.

Thanks for the support! ūüôā

Update 1: Thanks to donations I won’t starve this month as I was afraid of. But this is not the greatest food budget ever either. But I hope that it is going to last all of January or close to it. I am close to Germany (It is just a bus trip to Flensburg). So I can go there and buy food more cheaper then in Denmark.

Update 2: I have made this blog post a sticky on the front page. So it won’t go down when I post new blog post. This blog post is going to be a sticky until end of January.

Update 3: I got a complaint about this blog post today. I wrote blog post about it. I called it, Why don’t you just get a job?

Update 4: I got a comment today (link to comment in the blog post). My view did turn into a blog post that I did call, Writing is a job and it is not easy doing it

Update 5: January 2013 was bad for me in terms of bills. But February 2013 is going to be terrible. In short. The amount of bills that I have to pay is higher then my total income during the month. Yea, this is how is to be poor. I am looking into taking a loan here in Denmark to cover my monthly cost this time. Since loans in Denmark are more stable in terms of interest rates and payments then in Iceland (interest rates go up in Iceland and is a lot higher then in Denmark).

Update 6: I might even have to start searching for a job. Even if that is going to cut into my writing time on this blog. I just might not have any other option right now.

Update 7: The Oatmeal tells about it what it is to create continent for the internet. But that is exactly what I am doing here and on my other blogs.

As for Icelandic geology. It is all so quiet at the moment. Nothing to report at the moment.

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