Hardware failure in Hvammstangi geophone

In accordance with rules of bad timing. The Hvammstangi geophone station has had a bad hardware failure. What exactly has failed I am not sure of yet. But currently the geophone station does not power up. So the hardware failure is most likely in the board that converts the analog signals to digital signal for the PC. I am going to make an attempt to fix this issue when I go to Iceland in December. If that is unsuccessful. I have to send the hardware to the U.S and have it fixed there. If that is the case. The Böðvarshólar geophone station won’t go online until sometimes in the year 2013. I can’t afford replacement station. I am just to broke to buy it (as always. I am too broke to do anything in reality at the moment).

This means I have no way to detect earthquakes in north Iceland at the moment. But if any large earthquakes takes place there. My geophone stations in south Iceland are going to record such earthquake to some extent.

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  1. Hi John,
    that’s really bad luck! So you suspect that the PSN-ADC-USB card is the bad guy here? If you’re lucky, it might just be enough to put it into a different USB slot (provided that the USB is the only power supply). USB ports are more likely to fail than a board.

    I have two older devices with an ADC card at work and that saved my day two times… 🙂

    1. This is a non-USB station. So it is not that. What appears to have happened is that something in the power connection on the board has failed. What exactly has failed I do not know at this moment. But I really hope it is something simple that I can fix on the location.

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