Changes to the geophone network in December 2012

The following changes are going to be made to the geophone network in December. The Hvammstangi geophone station is being decommissioned. The hardware is going to be moved to new location. That is going to be a new geophone station called Böðvarshólar (bhr). This change costs me 29.900 ISK (182€, 1360 DKK, USD 236), plus a monthly charge of 2190 ISK for 3G connection. But I can only connect the geophone to the internet over GSM/3G in this location. Any donation to support me to cover this hardware cost is welcomed.

I am also going to do an maintenance on Skeiðflöt geophone station. A backup power is going to be added and I am going to resolve the freezing issue that I have been having with this station for some time now. This maintenance and adding a backup power to this geophone station is going to cost me 10.900 ISK (66€, 495 DKK, USD 86), any donation towards this cost is also welcomed. As backup power is needed for this location. But the electric grid in this location is for some unknown reason unstable at times. I do not know why that is. But to prevent damage to the hardware. I need to add a backup power to prevent it.

Other changes are not planned for the geophone network at present time. But I am not going to end my geophone network operations as I had originally planned in November. But the cost of running and sometimes hardware changes and maintenance for this geophone network is keeping me rather broke at the moment. Something that I am not happy with. I do have income of Google Adsense. But when traffic is low (when nothing is happening), this Google adsense income is low and is not even close enough to cover my costs at time and at times paying the bills that I need to pay. I always pay my bills on time. But sometimes that is all I do that month and nothing else.

The web page is going to move from the address to address. I am going to post more details on that in January 2013. I am going to cut some minor costs with this. The savings won’t be great. But just a little bit.

So any support with donations are welcomed. As they help me keeping all this running. So I can report to all what is taking place in Iceland when it comes to volcanoes, earthquakes and general geology.