Unclear what is going on in Grímsfjall volcano

It is unclear what is going on in Grímsfjall volcano at this moment. Harmonic tremor level continue to rise. They are currently way above what is normal for minor glacier floods from Grímsfjall volcano. This might be a minor eruption, or it might just be glacier on the move inside caldera. Whatever it is. This is not a strong event. As it only appears so far on only one SIL station. The one located on top of Grímsfjall volcano. Other SIL stations do not show any change so far. There is no earthquake activity in Grímsfjall volcano so far following this activity.

Grímsfjall volcano tremor levels this morning at 09:20 UTC. This is high resolution image. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Tremor levels at Grímsfjall SIL station (low resolution). The spike is maybe an earthquake. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

So far nothing there is no word from Icelandic Meteorological Office on what is going on in Grímsfjall volcano. I am also uncertain what is going on in Grímsfjall volcano at present time. But I am sure that is going to get clearer in the next few hours. The harmonic tremor level appears to be continue to rise. So it might get confirmed in the next few hours if there is an eruption in Grímsfjall volcano or not.

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  1. I’d say it is not magmatic (at least not yet), as the low-frequency tremor is still steadily on the normal levels. I think the rise of the high-frequency tremors is due to water flow in a confined channel (under or within the glacier). The rise of the mid-frequency tremors may be associated to enlargement of this channel, or opening of a new larger channel. As always, the situation may change quite rapidly.

  2. It seems to be a big but local event of some kind. When Grimvotn erupted before the whole glacier shook, and beyond.

      1. The lack of earthquakes makes me think that perhaps it is a massive subglacial lake emptying. Is there any way of knowing whether the flood is building ?

      2. Of course, even if it in a subglacial lake emptying, that could be enough weight change on the area to tigger an eruption

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