Geophone network is going to stay up

I have changed my mind on taking the geophone network down. The main reason being that data is valuable. The data that I am collecting today has value. I did not release this until this morning. After I had been telling the person who hosts my Hvammstangi geophone that data has value yesterday. This is also true for my geophone network. But it is going to cost me a lot to keep it running as is. The largest cost being maintenance and internet cost over 3G (2190 ISK, 13,41€ a month pr. 3G connection where that is used).

But this is it. My geophone network is going to stay up until I can replace it with a better network in the future. When that is going to happen I do not know. But I hope it is going to take me less then 10 years until I can start to implement that plan.

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  1. I did pay a small amount to Jóns account today, a months worth of internet cost.
    Please support Jón for our own sake and for our pleasure.
    Thank you Jón for your diligence and enthusiasm, I’ve learned a lot from you.

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