Glacier flood from Grímsfjall volcano continues to increase [Update]

Current glacier flood from Grímsfjall volcano continues to grow in size. To everyone surprise I think. Currently the glacier flood remains small. Harmonic tremor on Grímsfjall SIL station continues to grow. But this is due to the glacier flood. Not any volcano activity so far.

Harmonic tremor during this glacier flood from Grímsfjall volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Conductivity of the glacier water remains high. But this means glacier food water is in the river. As oppose to any normal melt water coming from the glacier it self. This current glacier flood is the second glacier flood from Grímsfjall volcano this year. But earlier this year a small glacier flood did go from Grímsfjall volcano. My coverage of that glacier flood can be found here (28.01.2012) and here (29.01.2012). Current glacier flood started on Wednesday. So it has already been ongoing almost four days at current time. I am going to post more updates on this glacier flood if needed.

Icelandic news about this glacier flood

Enn vöxtur í Gígjukvísl (Rú
Vatnshæð í Gígju enn að aukast (
Vatnshæðin um tveir metrar (Ví

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  1. Yes that is impressive. I wonder if it it all the flood or whether there is other Harmonic Tremor too?
    Is there any way of knowing Jon? As I said on your last artical, I don’t think the volcanic activty in the area is ready to go to sleep for long yet.

    1. I see you have posted the same suspicion 2 minutes before me Jon. I await your next Blog.

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