Uncertainty level is declared in north Iceland due to risk of large earthquake from TFZ

Uncertainty level has been declared in north Iceland due to risk of large earthquake taking place in TFZ. This is done after consulting scientists that have been monitoring this area for the past few days since the earthquake swarm started in TFZ. It is still impossible to know when a large earthquake might take place in TFZ. But the earthquake swarm is still ongoing with little change.

The Civil Protection of Iceland announcement

Óvissustigi almannavarna lýst yfir vegna jarðskjálftahrinu úti fyrir Norðurlandi (Icelandic)

Icelandic news about this

Óvissustigi almannavarna lýst yfir (Rúv.is)
Lýsa yfir óvissustigi almannavarna vegna jarðskjálftahrinu (mbl.is)

9 Replies to “Uncertainty level is declared in north Iceland due to risk of large earthquake from TFZ”

  1. If Tjornes had a 6.8 earthquake, would it cause a Tsunami in Northern Iceland? Would it be noticeable (more than 0.5 m or it would be lost in normal tidal variation) in Scotland? I doubt it would but it would be interesting if it was.

    1. This is a slip-strike fault. So no tsunami due to the earthquake. But there is a risk of landslides if a large earthquake takes place. There is always a risk of damage from such landslides. If they take place close to human population, or if they fall into the ocean.

      That is the only risk that I can think of when it comes to local tsunami in Iceland. I at least do not know of any other risk in connection with tsunami in Iceland.

  2. That’s worrisome.
    A M7.0 is always reason for concern…
    Thanks for the update, John!

  3. No updates yesterday. Since I got a bit sick. But new update tomorrow. The current status that no major change has taken place in this earthquake swarm yesterday and during the past 5 days it has been ongoing.

  4. I hope you feel better soon, Jón! Rest is always good, so for your sake, I hope it stays quiet in Iceland (for a few days, not more!)
    Henk Weijerstrass

  5. Jon can I say many thanks for all the work, infomation and effort you put into this blog.
    Too often I see your updates and no one leaves a comment (me among them)
    Nowhere else can you get such an insight to activity in Iceland !
    Keep up the great work and just becasuse nobody comments doea not mean we not interested or greatfull


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