New earthquake magnitude information

According to news announcement (Icelandic) from Iceland Meteorological Office the largest earthquake in the ongoing earthquake swarm at TFZ had the magnitude of Mb5.6. Currently the earthquake swarm in TFZ is ongoing. This is the largest earthquake in TFZ since the year 1976, when a magnitude 6.2 earthquake did take place not far from Kópasker village.

The star marks the location of the magnitude 5.6 earthquake. The red dots show the current earthquake swarm, the white dots show the earthquake swarm that took place in early September. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

The earthquake swarm in this area of TFZ is currently ongoing and does not show any signs for now that it is stopping. But earthquakes with magnitude 3.0 and stronger are still taking place and might still take place in the next few hours tod days. Any strong earthquake is going to appear clearly on my geophone network in Iceland. If anything major happens. I am going to post new blog post about it soon as possible. I update my twitter and Google+ when needed.