Heavy earthquake activity in TFZ

At the moment there is heavy earthquake activity taking place in TFZ. With earthquakes taking place every second. Strong earthquakes taking place every 2 to 10 minutes. One earthquake has at least reached the magnitude 5.0 and more earthquake with that magnitude is currently taking place on TFZ.

This earthquake activity can be monitored live (5. min, delay) on my geophone network web page here. I am going to post more information when I have more details.

Update 1: According to USGS the largest earthquake had the magnitude of M4.8. I do not know if this is reviewed data or not. USGS data can be viewed here.

Blog post updated at 01:02 UTC on 21.10.2012.

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      1. Is there any volcanic activity around where those earthquakes are now?

        I have also been following the earthquakes inIceland for some years now, and i have never seen such high and strong earthquake activity around TFZ.

  1. Yesterday and today from EMSC
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 4.5000 mb, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 12.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 65.94710, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.02090
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 3.6000 ML, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 1.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 66.25240, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.50950
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 4.1000 ML, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 7.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 66.32410, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.79030
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 3.8000 ML, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 18.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 66.30420, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.67980
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 4.5000 ML, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 1.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 66.28710, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.63010
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 4.6000 mb, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 10.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 66.34650, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.63000
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 3.9000 ML, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 1.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 66.27350, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.70890
    Magnitude:&nbsp: 3.3000 ML, Depth(Km):&nbsp: 1.0000, Latitude:&nbsp: 66.39400, Longitude:&nbsp: -18.76120
    Sourced from EMSC

  2. Due to heavy earthquake activity in TFZ. The SIL system is not locating earthquakes properly according to the newest news. So the IMO earthquake page is not updating properly at the moment (at 01:30 UTC at least. Might be fixed now).

    My geophone page is however updating properly at the moment. I am seeing hundreds of small earthquakes. So many in fact that I do not save them all. Since it is impossible for me to do so.

    Comment updated at 02:14 UTC on 21.10.2012.

  3. Two quakes show up nicely on my seismometer in Oslo, the last one even on my geophones. USGS claims it was 5.7, but it doesn’t look that strong from here.

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