Magnitude 3.8 earthquake in Breinnisteinsfjöll volcano

Earthquake with the magnitude of 3.8 took place in Breinnisteinsfjöll volcano at 19:42 UTC. This earthquake was felt in Reykjavík and nearby area. Many aftershocks have followed this earthquake. Most of them are however below 2.0 in magnitude. There was also pre-earthquake activity before the magnitude 3.8 earthquake did take place. Most of those earthquakes where below 2.0 in magnitude. Last month an earthquake with the magnitude 4.3 took place in this same area. Earthquake activity is currently ongoing with smaller earthquakes for the time being.

Green star marks the place where the magnitude 3.8 earthquake took place. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic meteorological Office.

So far there is nothing to suggests that current earthquake activity is nothing but tectonic. But this area is a riftzone. So there are earthquake swarm often take place there without them being related to any volcano activity in this area. This earthquake swarm appears clearly on my geophone network in Iceland. I am going to continue to monitor this earthquake activity. As more strong earthquakes in this area can take place in the next few hours to days.

Icelandic news about this earthquake activity

Jarðskjálfti upp á 3,8 í Bláfjöllum (Rú
Jarðskjálftar við Bláfjöll (
Jarðskjálfti í Bláfjöllum (Ví
Skjálftinn var 3,8 stig (

4 Replies to “Magnitude 3.8 earthquake in Breinnisteinsfjöll volcano”

  1. A little more earthquake activity the past few weeks. Could it be that the quite time is over (for now :P)?


    1. It is just a break in the quiet time. But I think it is going to continue. Unless there is an eruption in Iceland. But I do not expect that to happen soon.

  2. Swarm still continues in Breinnisteinsfjöll volcano and Grimsey is active again, it seems like quakes are moving towards north-northwest

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