Few words on my geophone network

I run a small geophone network in Iceland. This geophone network won’t be getting any bigger any time soon. I have two reasons for that statement. I cannot get hardware that I need to build my geophone network. The main part remains out of stock, the geophone. I have also come to releases that after about 10 years time I won’t be able to run the geophone network anyway. But my plan is that in about 10 years time I am going to move to the Falklands Islands. Based on distance, cost and such factors. It is going to make it impossible for me to run an geophone network at that distance. It is going to take me 10 years to assemble my plan and get the funds before I can move to Falklands Islands. During that time I am going to be living in Denmark.

I have been running the current geophone network, in one or other form since the year 2006. So that is already 6 years. This has not been easy task. With hardware failures, software failures, internet failures and other issues that I have had to deal with during this time. But I have managed to keep the system running during that time, with help of the people how are hosting it for me at location. I am always thankful for that help.

I am however just going to close the geophone network in Iceland after 10 years. Closing at one place means that I can open up at new place. That place is going to be in Falklands Islands with time. As I need time to set-up new geophone network. Along with solving connection issues and such things. Setting up new geophone network in Falklands Islands might take up to 5 years for me. Depending on connections and such. As I might have to set-up my own radio links (I just expand my lan into such radio links on 2.4Ghz). Since ADSL speeds are expensive and have limited data quota are included with the subscription (the largest is just 3,3GB for 1 month), along with limited mobile coverage in Falklands Islands. But this is just really early planning. The details are going to get shorted out when I move there after 10 years or so.

I however think it is good to run my own geophone network for more then 10 years (oldest parts of the geophone network have then been running for up to 16 years in the year 2022) on my own. I am not sure. But I do not think many people in the world are doing this as I am. But I might be wrong on this.

Hardware that I can buy in the future

With the future lack of geophone for me to buy. I have several options on what hardware to buy so I can record earthquakes. First of is the cheap SEP seismometer. But that is a long period seismometer with period up to 20 seconds. Good for detecting earthquakes more then 2000 km away. My second option is to by a digital seismometer that is called VolksMeter. But that is also a tiltmeter. But VolksMeter seismometer is expensive (while I am broke at least). They cost $1245 single channel and $1795 dual channel. This is without GPS, power supply and such things. Based on this prices. I am not going to buy VolksMeter seismometer any time soon.

Blog post updated on 28.09.2012 at 04:45 UTC.