Low earthquake activity in Iceland

This is not going to surprise anyone how read this blog on regular basis. But earthquake activity and volcano activity in Iceland is minimal those past days. As it has now been for past several weeks. This has sadly lead to less blog post then I like. But I have also been busy. So it has helped in that sense for me. At current rate, the year 2012 is so far the most quiet year that I remember in an long time. I have been monitoring earthquake activity in Iceland more or less since the year 1996.

Current earthquake activity in Iceland on 29. August 2012. As can be seen. Activity is rather slow today. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

While it is quiet in Iceland. I am going to work on other articles about other interesting features in Icelandic geology. They won’t be long. But short and as informal as I can make them. This quiet time might last a bit longer then it already has. I would not expect anything else.

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    1. I did check my data here in Bov, Denmark. I did record the Jan Mayen earthquake on my geophone. I can see the P-wave clearly. But not other waves due to background noise that I always have.

  1. New information on Skaftár glacier flood has been released. So I am going to write three blog posts today. If nothing more happens today.

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