Earthquakes deep south on the Reykjanes Ridge [Updated]

During last night there has been some earthquake activity deep south on Reykjanes Ridge. This earthquake activity is far from the south coast of Iceland so it has not been noticed by any people. It has only appeared on seismometers. The web page of EMSC has shows the current earthquake activity started at 00:21 UTC with two earthquakes. The largest earthquake recorded in following hours had the magnitude of Mb5.3 according to EMSC web page. But that is automatic size estimate and is subject to a change.

The location of the earthquake deep south on Reykjanes Ridge. Copyright of this image belongs to EMSC.

There most likely have been more earthquakes in this area then are registered by seismometer networks. It seems that earthquake activity in this area has quieted down again. For now at least. But this area is subject to strong earthquake swarms on regular basic.

Blog post updated at 21:33 UTC on 15.08.2012.