Earthquake swarm on TFZ and in Þeistareykir volcano

This is going to be short blog post.

Earthquake east of Grímsey Island

Earthquake with the magnitude of ML3.5 (estimate) did take place at 19:48 UTC. This is normal tectonic activity for this area. But this area of Iceland has the most earthquake activity most of the year.

Earthquake activity in TFZ. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

Þeistareykjabunga volcano

It was noticed by a reader of this blog that Þeistareykjabunga volcano was having few earthquakes. Þeistareykjabunga volcano last erupted in the year 900 BC (+- 100 years). This earthquake swarm was small. Mostly earthquakes with the magnitude of ML0.5 to ML1.0. The focal depth of this earthquake swarm was around 5 km. So this in all, is most likely an tectonic earthquake swarm. Rather then volcanic. Þeistareykjabunga volcano is an active volcano. But at current time I do not think anything has changed in that volcano at present time.

Þeistareykjabunga volcano is located north of Krafla volcano. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

I do not expect anything more to happen in Þeistareykjarbunga volcano. But if there are changes, they won’t go unnoticed.

Thanks to Mafl for the tip on Þeistareykjabunga volcano.