Quiet in Iceland earthquake wise

Currently it remains quiet in Iceland in terms of earthquakes and other geological activity. I am using that chance to have a bit of summer break. I am also going to move in August, so there is that. I am not moving back to Iceland. I am just moving inside Denmark. From Åbenrå to a small town named Padborg. But I think smaller towns work better for me then larger towns.

Because I am moving. I have to pay double rent in August. I hope that I do not have to pay double rent in September and October (that means more and new overdraft for me. Something I do think is an bad thing for me). This is going to leave me bit out of pocket. So all support is welcomed.

I am going to be on part-break until after I move to Padborg. But if anything major happens. I am going to write about it soon as possible.

Katla volcano

Katla volcano continues to have small earthquake swarm. What that means is still unclear. Largest earthquake in few days was earlier this week. That earthquake had the magnitude of 2.6 and had the depth of 0.3 km. Several smaller earthquakes did take place following this earthquake swarm. Since then Katla volcano has remained quiet. Small glacier floods are still a high risk from Mýrdalsjökull glacier.