Donations and advertisements

As many have seen during past few weeks. I have been cutting down advertisements on this blog. The reason is simple. The ads that I am cutting down do not work. I get little pay from them. For that reason I have removed them. The only one left to remove is infolinks. But I am going to remove them soon as I get there payment threshold. But that is $50. At current time I only lack around $5 until I reach that threshold. It should be in the next few days to weeks I hope.


I do not know at current time if I keep the donations open up longer. As I do not get so much donations at current time. I wold like to hear from people on that before I remove that options completely. But at any rate. I am planning on changing the money aspect of this blog. Since current trial and error approach is not something that I want to continue in the long term.

For those how have been donating directly via bank it is important that you update your information. As I have moved to a new bank in Denmark, called Sydbank from Nordea. The new IBAN and SWIFT code can be found here, on the donation web page.

If I stop accepting donations. I am going to remove all the links. For those how I have promised a ebook for a donation. Don’t worry. I still remember my promise in that regard.

Future direction

As I say here above. I am planning a change on this blog. Not on what I cover. I have already tested that, and failed. I am rather changing how this blog can help me make a slightly better living then I am currently having. But I not expect this blog to become super-popular any time soon. So I do not know how that is going to work out in the long term. But one thing is clear. I am going to keep covering volcanoes and earthquakes in Iceland for many years to come.