New earthquake swarm in Katla volcano on 11. June 2012

Today from 04:00 to around 08:00 UTC this morning. There was an earthquake swarm in Katla volcano. This earthquake swarm was not large in the magnitude of the earthquakes. With the largest earthquakes being around ML2.0 in magnitude. There has been slight increase in conductivity in Múlakvísl river following this earthquake swarm. That suggests water is now leaking from hydro-thermal vents in Mýrdalsjökull glacier. So far no change in harmonic tremor has been seen. So for now, this are just earthquakes taking place inside Katla volcano caldera.

The earthquake swarm in Katla volcano this morning. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

It is difficult to know what happens next in Katla volcano. As it is bit unclear what is exactly taking place in Katla volcano. With the lack of harmonic tremor following this earthquake swarms. This simply might just be normal summer earthquake swarms taking place. But Katla volcano is well known for that type of behavior during the summer in Iceland. With the most earthquake activity taking place in July and August.

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  1. I think it is ice melting and collapsing, also due to hydrothermal activity. It would be really interesting to get aerial photos on the area now!

  2. One week ago I flew over Myrdalsjokull and I saw nothing special. That is, the cauldrons created in July 2011 were covered by new snow, and no new cracks were detected. So, I guess this is only minor activity. I have doubts that Katla will erupt this summer, I think we will still wait at least 1 or 2 years more.

    With no new and significant deep earthquakes under Katla, how can we expect an eruption in soon? No, I think we are still far away from it. We need to see first an increase in significant earthquakes, from the deep upwards. Something that happened before Eyjafjallajokull and which has not been seen yet in Katla.

    1. Dear Irpsit,

      If I remember right, Jón has said and I believe one of the Sanders too, that if the conduits are open / free, it’s not always
      necessary to have significant or deep earthquakes, before an eruption takes place.
      Kind regards, Henk

      1. Yes I have read that, though I cannot fathom how a conduit can empty itself of magma, logic would suggest it cooled insitu and closed the conduit – clearly logic and volcanology are not good bedmates.

        Regards a post I made some time ago about my noticing a correlation and moon/solar phases over a period of months, I found this article on USGS –

        It stikes me that we should be plotting graphs on this and in particlar planetary full or partial alignments alongside seismic/volcanic activity, or does anyone already have that info?

      2. I said that idd, but that was because Jon said that and somebody else asked. I only replicated the answer 😛
        I can however imagine that when pressure builds up in the chamber we will see a lot more quakes than we are se
        eing now


  3. I have noticed that there has been the odd EQ at depths of around 12km, couldn’t this be a sign of magma moving up, heating the ground and ice in the caldera, and therefore cause this hydro thermal activity?

  4. Mýrdalsjökull: Múlakvísl; V089
    Conductivity goes up, the most curious is the pH is maintained over 3
    a low value may cause an acidic water?

    1. If the pH is 3 that means that the water is already pretty acidic. If it drops to lower values it becomes pretty
      dangerous in terms of acidity.

  5. The problem with Katla is that we don’t know the early signs of an imminent eruption (if there are any) since all the modern monitoring devices were not available at that time.

    But from what I can gather from different sources, I think that Katla is different than Eyjafjallajokull. The small eruptions under the glacier indicate that the volcano is already full with magma, but the pressure is not sufficient. It is some kind of steady-state, I think. Probably there has been a slow but constant influx of magma in the past centuries, but it was never enough to trigger an eruption. But a new influx of magma, accompanied by some deeper earthquakes might be enough to start the eruption. However, in my personal (and non-professional) opinion I think that we’ll only see a few deep earthquakes with a bigger magnitude (3-4) and not a long series.
    But it is impossible to predict when this is going to happen. It could be this year or even 5 years later.

    And that’s what I find so fascinating… I’m really curious to find out who was right in the end: the “long-term, deep earthquakes”-fraction or the “short series of earthquakes”-fraction. In any case, with all the new technology scientists will certainly know more about Katla to predict future eruptions after the event. For the people in Iceland (especially in Vik) I still hope that the volcano will continue to rest for awhile.

      1. There are always some warning signs, like in 1918 a slight uplift in the east part of Myrdalsjokull was noticed, and the west part, facing Myrdal, had receded slightly, so that rocks were visible that had not been seen earlier due to ice.
        Also Mulakvisl river had very little water all summer and rivers running to the east had the smell of sulfur.

        The eruption started Oct 12th. The first big quake came at 1300 and the eruption started 2 hours later.

        I suppose we might see the kettles forming in the ice and the flood last year as a warning sign, even the Eyjafjallajokull eruption. Or it might be nothing.

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    1. Please take your paranoia ideas somewhere else. I have also not deleted any of your comments. All of your three comments are still here on this blog. As you left them.

      It is possible that your comment where classified as spam. But I do not see how that would happen. As I check the spam folder regularly for false positives.

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  12. Back to volcanoes – todays thermal satellite feed is showing a build in temperature in the Askja area, I have looked back through the clear sky images and cannot find any this intense – does anyone know if this is seasonal temperature rise? I would not have thought so at that altitude and proximity to the glacier nearby.

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