New pictures of Grímsfjall volcano crater

Rúv News has just published pictures of Grímsfjall volcano craters. This pictures where taken by Ómar Ragnarsson. The pictures show among them a Island that has formed inside the 1.5 km long and 800 meter wide crater that did erupt in May of last year.

The Grímsfjall volcano crater that erupted on 25. May 2011. Copyright of this picture belongs to Ómar Ragnarsson.

More pictures can be found on Rúv News web site. I recommend that people click on the images to get full size (or click and open in new tab).

Undraveröld Grímsvatna – Myndir (Rúv News, Icelandic, Pictures)

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  1. Very interesting, I see that the water level has dropped significantly and it appears hot. There is only a small but recent amount of info from that SIL station and the graph looks like we have harmonic tremor. Lets hope any acitivity is not life threatening if it happens.

    The last clear shy thermal satellite image shows a clear increase in heat over previous photo’s Obviously it does show what is going on under the Vatnajökull glacier, it does however show a distinct hotspot that appears to be near Askja, which coincides with EQ activity to its east.

    There’s a significant amount of lower level deep EQ activity at TFZ, and these are mostly 99% quality.

    Jon, if this follows pattern we will see a couple of Mag 3> EQ’s in the next two weeks.

    1. Sorry about the errors above, I meant the satellite image does not show what is going on under the [removed, password].

      Can we have an ‘edit’ tab for posts please Jon lol.

  2. (Small) earthquake swarm at Katla?
    Near Habunga; was that the 1918 eruption spot?


  3. Funny looking cloud over Katla this afternoon, seems dark and tapers down towards the hill. Looking like ash/ steam / smoke.
    Camera 1 has been zooming in on it at times. There are none of the other things you would expect for a small eruption thou.
    Its still there now and is like a thin plume that widens with height. Other clouds moving this one been evident a while.
    Check cams on

  4. Wow!! What lovely caption that you have uploaded here. 🙂 I think its proves that you are so brilliant in this matter. Keep up doing this kinda work. I would love to come here sometimes.

  5. Jon, thanks for the above.

    I am noticing what appears to be a coincidence between lunar cycle and activity. Full moon passed on the 4th. Any views on this?

  6. I think it’s not Hekla. Too far west, there is a little mountain with the name Bjolfell.

  7. What’s happening at Katla? Is this a tremor spike I see ad Mid Mork?

  8. is that signal on your Katla seismometer pure seismic energy(13:25 utc) , or are we picking up the weather also ?

    1. The weather seems good over Katla ; see
      A quick look at the SIL station may let me think of an increase of the tremor on few stations. May be a strong hydrothermal activity ; maybe pure seismic activity or volcanic activity. We’d better have an attentive look here

  9. It seems fairly localised though so it is probably hydrothermal though. Does anyone know if there is a glacial flood?

    1. you beat me to it by a couple of minutes. Looks like ash to me but is it windblown from previous ash? That is the big question I think.

    2. There is allways much ash in the landscape (espescially from the latest eruptions). If its is bad weather with storm the ash is blown up in the air again.

      1. Thanks Mafl, I thought that was probably the cause but glad of the confirmation. I certainly looks stormy!

  10. Good news. I have now connected my Skeiðflöt geophone to the 3G network. So any connection problems should now be over.

    I am going to write a blog post on this activity a bit later on. I need to get me something to eat and go to the store. It has been a busy day for me now. It might even get more busy if activity continues to pick up in Katla volcano.

    1. man, you gotta envy those Japanese geophysicists who are putting their seismometers 0.5 to 2.0 Km undergound in drill holes , away from the wind noise

  11. A considerable number of SIL stations are showing a spike in south east Iceland around midday, Mýrdalsjökull being the largest.

    This across the board activity happened only just over a week ago as well. The Grimsfjall SIL appears to be showing harmonic tremor continuing.

    Any comments from those in the know here please?

  12. Thursday
    07.06.2012 12:45:25 63.609 -19.112 2.5 km 3.2 99.0 3.3 km N of Hábunga

  13. Great pics on the link Jon but Giggle Translate still not able to make sense of Icelandic.
    “New photos from Grímsvötn amazing show that has formed. The country, however, rapidly changing and may not be an island in the middle of the crater yesterday is still there. A large group of people from Glaciological Society went to sigkatlinum where water has sunk to the craters of the first visible.

    Sigketillinn formed in Grim Water eruption was about 1.5 km long and 800 meters wide.

    Along Glaciological Society was Omar Ragnarsson who took these pictures.” 🙂

  14. I need to take a nap before I write the blog post on Katla volcano (it has been busy day today). But it is going to be up soon.

      1. Last year it was something similar was taking place. That is earthquake activity tended to drop off suddenly for several hours to days, then it just resumed out of the blue.

    1. Yes, Katla seems to have woken up. A LOT of activity going on under. 🙁

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