Special report: New magma injection at depth in El Hierro volcano

While I have returned to just covering Iceland volcano and earthquake activity. It does not mean that I have stopped to watch the earthquake activity in El Hierro volcano at present time.

New earthquake activity with the depth of 15 to 28 km have been taking place in El Hierro volcano today (04.06.2012). Minor earthquake activity has also taken place on 29. May, 1. June, 3. June. But this where not many earthquakes. Nothing suggests that eruption has resumed in El Hierro volcano. However an new injection of magma into El Hierro volcano might have increased hydro-thermal activity in earlier eruption vents, or moved older magma that is already high up in the fissure that was eruption. That however does not mean that the eruption has resumed. But there is nothing in the data from El Hierro volcano to suggest that an eruption has resumed at this point.

For the moment, it is mostly quiet in El Hierro volcano. I fully expect that to continue for the time being. At least it is clear that more needs to happen in El Hierro volcano before an new eruption starts in El Hierro volcano. So for the moment, there is nothing to worry about in my opinion.

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  1. Seems a bt quieter today so far: only one small earthquake 0.9 at 14.9km off SW El Pinar.

  2. Is it my imagination, Jon, or are there some new seismic stations in Iceland? I have not seen Vottur in Vatnajokull south of Grimsfjall before. In Katla there is now Austmannsbunga and Enta that appear to be well inside the caldera. And is Mjoasgard close to Haukadalur new, too?

    Apologies I have only an English keyboard so I can only get close to the correct spelling!


    1. Iceland Meteorological Office has expanded there SIL network some time ago. They have just recently updated there map of the SIL network. So you are indeed seeing new SIL stations.

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