Kverkfjöll volcano web camera and weather station

There is a new web camera on Kverkfjöll volcano. This web camera clearly show the hydro-thermal activity in Kverkfjöll volcano, the image is updated every 30 minutes. The weather information are good to see how it is in Kverkfjöll area.

The Weather information in Kverkfjöll volcano. The web-cam image from Kverkfjöll volcano.

Icelandic News about this.

Hægt að gá til veðurs í Kverkfjöllum (Rúv.is)

3 Replies to “Kverkfjöll volcano web camera and weather station”

  1. Wow, stunning (when the weather is good!)….

    Jon, any news about the investigations on the sudden melting of the Askja lake, Oskjuvatnet?

  2. Ah, the place we do not arrive last year! Because of bad conditions (no, not the weather: my poor condition 🙂 )

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