Katla volcano warming up for an eruption. Small glacier flood continues

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It seems that Katla volcano is warming up for a eruption. As I did mention in last blog post. But there is more to this. As the glacier flood that started on the 28. April 2012 continues according to a email that I got from an geologist working at Iceland Meteorological Office. But that suggests two things. That there is currently an ongoing melting of glacier taking place in Katla volcano, or there is a slow drainage taking place from some area in Mýrdalsjökull glacier. But given increased conductivity following this it is clear that this water has been in contact with magma. But that can be seen with the increased conductivity in the water.

There have not been many earthquakes following this events. But from the earthquakes that have happened. It seems that most likely source for current events is close to or the same area that erupted in July 2011. But at the moment this is just speculation based on limited data. It has not been confirmed so far.

The harmonic tremor that started on 28. April 2012. This is Lágu Hvolar SIL station. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office. Used with written permission.

This plot shows clearly how the harmonic tremor starts and continues at same level for several days. I do not know if the harmonic tremor is ongoing. But I find it likely, if the small glacier flood is currently going on (that was my last information, but things might have changed during the day). But it is hard for me to know that for sure. But based on latest data from the water monitoring system around Katla volcano, the spike in this glacier flood is most likely over for now. But it impossible to know what happens next in Katla volcano. All that can be done is to wait and see what happens next.

Small glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier on 28. April 2012 [Updated]

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On the 28. April 2012 there was a small glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier that on top of Katla volcano. This activity did start few days earlier according to Iceland Meteorological Office. But it did peak on the 28. April 2012. This was then followed by a small glacier flood in Múlakvísl river. The same river that had the glacer flood last summer, that did destroy a bridge in that same area.

The red line marks the harmonic tremor of Katla volcano. The blue line marks the conductivity in Múlakvísl glacier river. This is from Week 18 of the year 2012. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

There was also a second event that took place in Katla volcano on 6 and 7. May 2012. But I do not know if there was any glacier flood in Múlakvísk glacier river following that event. Buit it is clear that Katla volcano is warming up again. This events are clearly something that I consider a warning on what is going on in Katla volcano. But it is a question if it continues or just stops, as so often does happen with volcanoes.

Update 1: According to a email answer that I got with a question of mine. This glacier flood is currently ongoing. It has not stopped so far. But this is a small glacier flood. But this is a interesting what is going on in Katla volcano at the moment.

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Blog post updated at 14:38 CEST on 11.05.2012.