Iceland newest volcano (short of)

Iceland has many surprising things. Among those surprises is a volcano named Snæfell. I did mention it shortly yesterday. Now it is time for the long version of what this volcano is about. Snæfell volcano is a tall mountain, but it is 1883 meters above sea level. That makes it the highest mountain in Iceland outside of Vatnajökull glacier. Snæfell volcano has a small glaciers (more then one) on is top.

Snæfell volcano is the newest addition to Icelandic volcanoes. Little is currently known about Snæfell as a volcano. But it is now known that it has not erupted for at least 100.000 to 120.000 years. But it is debated among scientists if any eruptions have taken place after last ice-age. But that is around 12.000 years ago. The basic volcano system of Snæfell is in the direction of NNE, with eruption features going along those lines.

Origins of Snæfell volcano can be traced to several lava eruptions that started at least about 400.000 years ago. On top of that eruption even Snæfell volcano has been built by repeated eruptions in this area. Snæfell volcano belongs to the same volcano zone as Öræfajökull volcano and Esjufjöll volcano. In order with other volcanoes on this active volcano zone. It has little to no activity as I have

I do not know of any hydro-thermal areas close to Snæfell volcano. But that is not a surprise. Given how long it is since magma was on the move in this volcano. All the time that I have been watching for earthquakes in Iceland (well over 10 years now). I have never seen any earthquake activity in Snæfell volcano during that period.

South-east of Snæfell volcano is a extinct volcano. It has been weathered down by nature. I do not know how old it is. But that suggests that volcano activity in this area is not something new. Closest SIL station to Snæfell volcano is Vestari Sauðarhnjúkur.

Volcano and fault-line map of Iceland. Snæfell volcano can be seen on this map. Copyright of this picture belongs to Náttúrufræðistofnun Íslands. This picture is from this web site here.


Eldvirkni Snæfells og Kárahnjúka tímasett (Morgunblaðið, 2005)
Snæfell og Nágrenni (, 2000)

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  1. I’ve posted two pictures of Snaefell from last summer in the forum.
    (Note: you must log-in to see the pictures!)
    I didn’t realize that he is so high, but we could see him nearly the whole day, while travelling from Egilsstadir to the Karhnjukar-dam. I think he looks impressive, because he stands alone, if you look from the south-east.

  2. Earthquake swarm on Reykjanes ridge. I am going to write about it tomorrow. I was moving in today and I am done with all my energy. Plus, I do not have any table to cheer to sit on. So this gets unconformable rather fast being on the floor.

    I am also using limited 3G internet over my phone. But I hope get ADSL connection soon. The earthquake swarm can be monitored in close to real-time at

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    Bagagerumsmarked, Ringsted Udendørs
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    Åbningstid kl. 9-13.

    1. Thanks. But Ringsted is far, far away from me. About two hours with the train. So it is best for me to just to use the local markets. There are few in the Aabenraa town. 🙂

  4. Thanks to ScotsJohn for the photos,i have been watching for any pattern to the recent activity in iceland,there serms to be an emerging line that sweeps from north to south west,following the line of the MAR. I wonder if we shall see a period now in iceland of tectonic movement rather than volcanic?(except of course Katla who is a lady and as such will do what she likes)!

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