Allt quiet in Iceland

It has been rather quiet in Iceland during the past several weeks. March for instance was unusually quiet. I suspect that April was also rather quiet earthquake wise in Iceland. With nothing special going on. I have currently limited to write about. But I am going to write about few volcanoes in Iceland and there history if there is any history to write about. But there is always some interesting information about volcanoes in Iceland.

Even the newest Icelandic volcano. Named Snæfell (no GVP website as of yet) and is located east of Vatnajökull glacier. It has not erupted for at least 12.000 years. But it is a part of the volcano arch that is made up of Öræfajökull, Esjufjöll volcanoes. Here are some information about in Icelandic. But I am going to write more on it later on. When I have my writer computer back up after I finish moving to Denmark properly.