Moving host complete (almost)

If you are reading this. Then your DNS has updated to my new hosting site. That is cheaper for me in the long run while I am experiencing low amount of traffic on my web site. This domain is going to move to a new IP address in next few hours. While that takes place it might go offline during that period. Estimated time of change is around 03:00 CEST. At the same time a SSL options is going to be installed at the same time. That is going to allow people to browse this website over https. The forum is back online now.

Broke (again)

This is the never ending story with no end at current time. But I am getting a bit short of money (reason why I moved from expensive to cheap hosting again) for this month. The main reason is that I am moving to Denmark. With all that cost and so on. So any donations to help me with this month, or any month of the year for that matter are welcomed. Since I did switch to a cheaper hosting. I am finally going to see some plus from having ads on this web site, and my other web sites. But I have been running a rather deep loss money wise having dedicated server and low traffic. If the traffic is to increase again. I am going to move to bigger hosting in steps. When Shared hosting becomes too small. I am going to move to VPS hosting, when that gets to small. I am going to move to dedicated hosting. That allows me to have traffic to pay for the hosting expense as the traffic grows on my web site.

As for my income. It is my plan and termination to get off social welfare and stop being broke. I am not giving up on that plan. But it is going to be hard to do so. Since I am self-employing my self as it is. I also made a chose few days ago. I am going to be a writer and writing is going to be my work. I just hope that it is going to solve my money issue in the future. But for now. I am surviving on small amount of money. That is whatever is left when I have finished paying my bills.

Thanks for the support!

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    1. I read this too,but I find it so difficult to agree with modern science in so much as all these wonderful discoveries are in fact all theories!

      We can learn about the lithosphere and aesthenosphere and maybe some mantle material from volcanic productions. However, since every volcano has its very own signature on the mass spectrometer, then much of the material produced must be localised and not from a common mantle. Bang goes a handful of theories.

      It is the same witrh this ridiculous big bang theory and ‘uniform expansion’ of the universe. The actual facts of uniform exansion themselves are based on theory. They talk of the edge of the universe – well whats beyond that? They talk of it all beginning with a single piece of super dense matter the size of a grain of sand from nothing at all – well what was there before that?

      Humans are very intelligent in some areas, and very thick in others. We percieve our existance in periods of time and distance, we can’t accept something not having a beginning or an end, or that time itself is merely a human concept that is totally irrelevant.

      And when science has asked us to believe all this they still question the existance of a god, they are asking us to believe more than the bible does. They would be far better asking why we are here, what can we do as a species to live in harmony and not rob mother earth of her resources. I will give you a concept – the earth is not an inanimate object, it is alive and we are parasitic on it, but that’s just a theory eh?

      1. I missed out on that Jon, yes I sympathise entirely with you – it is quite unpleasant to be ‘short’ of cash. Living remotely as we do, it makes everything more expensive as a journey is required for everything – a difficult balance when on low income. But I still wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world. At least we can fill the freezer with fish for next to nothing, and cut peat for the fires. These are definite advantages in a money hungry world.

  1. Hello Jon and particularly Scots john,but Jon frimann first,i have read on your blog of the shortage of funds and also dodgy computer gear,I build the dratted things and have quite a few bits and peices lyeing about. Give me an idea of what you need and i may be able to help. Scots John you talk of living in the wilds,are you on the scottish islands? My interest is photographic,i am hoping to reach the far north this year.Thanks for the great blog.

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