Moving to shared hosting in progress

The progress of moving from dedicated hosting to shared hosting has started. When that part has finished I am going to update the DNS information. That progress might take up to 2 days to finish updating for everyone.

Until then. I am not going to post anything. Also note that if comments are made during this time period. They might get lost in the transfer process.

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  1. Vatnajokull has a cycle where there are roughly 140 years between the peak of activity, we are on our way up that one and getting closer to the peak.

    If you look at how How the Mid Atlantic Ridge cuts trough the country you will see the oldest fissure in the Westfjords, that one is no longer active, the next one runs trough Snæfellsnes, its shows some signs of life, but is not very active.
    Then there is Reykjanes, its is active but seems to be slowing down somewhat, i would expect eruptions there in the future, but nothing spectacular.
    Still, its a heavily populated area, and not the best place to have eruptions, even
    if they are small.

    This volcanic activity connected to the MAR, who has been moving gradually from the Westfjords, will continue to move east. Eruptions like Surtsey and Heimaey, then Fimmvorduhals and Eyjafjallajokull are a part of this move.
    Its like the MAR follows the Hot spot as the plates move, always moving to stay close to it.
    The east is the most active part of Iceland, its the region of the stone giant, a place were everything is big, and further north, a old Dragon sleeps.

    The climate is getting warmer, glaciers melting, releasing pressure off volcanoes frozen in ice.
    There are plenty of reasons to expect some action in the near future.

  2. does katla look like some snow has gone this morning or is it shadow on the snow?

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