Moving web hosts again due to budget issues

Due to lack of money (I am doing this before I get seriously broke again). Because there is not enough traffic or donations to keep me on dedicated server. I am going back to shared hosting. This is just pure budget issue that I am currently having. But dedicated hosting costs me around 850 DKK a month. At current status it is a price that cannot afford in any way or form. Due to lack of income from this web page, and the fact that I am low social income and this web page among my other web pages have not made any major improvements to that status.

It is also going to be a while until I publish anything and get income from my book publishing. Until that happens. I am going to be living rather poor. In the worst case I might have to move back to Iceland (but it is a idea that I do not like for many personal reasons. But sometimes there are no good option to have in life).

The move to shared hosting is going to take place in next few days. I am hoping for smooth transfer this time around when I switch hosting again.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are not able to post at the moment. I come looking for reassuring facts and evidence whenever discussions on other blogs are wide-ranging and speculative. I always appreciate your clear-headed way of presenting things.

    I hope you will keep us up to date with important developments in Iceland. There seems to be a lot going on at the moment.

    Will there be any change to the way we link with your site?

    Best wishes

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