Earthquake swarm in Hengill volcano

Yesterday (21.04.2012) an earthquake swarm started in Hengill volcano at 18:57 UTC on 21.04.2012. The area in question is well known for having earthquakes swarms during past few months. It seems that this earthquake swarm is not over, and there is also a risk of stronger earthquakes in Hengill volcano than have currently happened. But the largest earthquake so far was event with the magnitude ML2.8.

Earthquake activity in Hengill volcano at 00:50 UTC on 22.04.2012. Copyright of this picture belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

Icelandic news about this earthquake swarm.

Jörð skelfur við Hellisheiðarvirkjun (, Icelandic)

4 Replies to “Earthquake swarm in Hengill volcano”

  1. An interesting quake near Surtsey.

    22.04.2012 22:12:06 63.339 -20.629 12.9 km 1.3 90.02 3.3 km NNW of Surtsey

  2. Little swarm near Hekla this morning e.g.

    23.04.2012 11:01:20 64.031 -19.931 4.6 km 0.8 88.46 9.5 km SSW of Búrfellsstöð

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