Donations for Skeiðflöt geophone station needed

I have been having issues with Skeiðflöt geophone stations for the past few months. The problems is that I use WLAN (Wireless Network) to get the data from the geophone to the internet, and soon to my main earthquake computer. However, I have been having connection issues. This is because the wireless signal where the computer is located is quite bad. The signal is only 11dB according to the planet wireless hardware that I am using, I think that is quite poor signal. I have already tried to increase the gain by sending and bigger antenna to the people how are hosting the hardware for me. But it did not work as I hoped for.

Two new AP points (one acting as a repeater for the signal) would solve this issue permanently. But they cost 529DKK (current exchange rate), €71, $93, 58GBP (+1 Ethernet cable). Currently I am moving and bit short on cash because of that, at least I want to spend the little money that I have carefully at the moment. I am not sure if I can buy this at the moment my self. I would have to check my bank account first. But any donations to help me solving this issue are welcomed.

Thanks for the help!


I am currently moving to Denmark in next few days. So updates might bit lacking or late of anything happens in Iceland because of that. I will do my best to keep this blog updated if anything happens. My laptop hard drive is dying due to old age. There nothing I can do to fix it at the moment (it costs money that I do not have).

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  1. Hi.

    If you have LOS between the two points and the distance isnt that big (<1km), the problem should be solved with a simple directional antenna. Even homemade antennas (cantenna+conical horn) can do that distance. Also a complete configuration is obtained with systems like Ubiquiti Nanostation, is made to exterior installations, up to 1W of output (much more than 100mW output that regular wireless hardware have) with a inbuilt directional antenna of 8dBi/12dBi..and this should solve all your problems.

    1. The problem here is concrete and iron wires in the house. So by adding two more wireless stations to my network (I am going to setup my wireless network at the same time now) to solve this problem.

  2. As a network engineer, I might have a solution for you. A 1/4 inch copper wire, and a can of “Pork n beans” will make you an antenna that can broadcast up to half a mile! I set one up on a small hill out here, and we were able to ping the server from about a mile away with very little signal interruption. Place the can of Pork n beans on the wire, near the top, it will create a very cheap and very good broadcast antenna! Look it up on Google, there are plenty of schematics and instructions. It works!

    1. I do not have time for this. As I am just going to send the hardware to the people how are hosting the geophone for me. All they have to do is to plug it in and it should just work without any issue.

  3. M0.7 in the Hekla system, 11 km depth, 7 km from Hekla, tremors affected.

    1. Saturday
      21.04.2012 13:45:24 63.935 -19.612 10.9 km 0.7 76.75 6.9 km SSE of Hekla

      1. There was a small spike in high and mid frequencies, which was averaged out later.

  4. Saturday
    21.04.2012 22:36:40 64.063 -21.431 2.7 km 2.7 90.05 3.3 km NNW of Hellisheiðarvirkjun

  5. The largest earthquake so far is ML2.8. This activity is appearing on my webicorders. They can be found here,

    I am going to write a blog post about this if the earthquake swarm continues to increase. But my laptop is terrible slow now due to a hard drive that is dying. So it might be a while until my blog post about this appears.

  6. I have ordered the hardware. But so far I just got 201DKK in donations. So that is just into half the cost. But it seems to have to do.

    Thanks for the support! 🙂

  7. I hope your move will work fine. I made a donation yesterday…don’t know how many days they need.

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