Great earthquakes off Sumatra

This morning a earthquake swarm started off coast of Sumatra. This earthquake swarm has had two great earthquakes. But that is earthquakes that are larger then Mw8.0 in magnitude. The first earthquake had the magnitude Mw8.6 at least and took place at 08:36 UTC. At 10:43 UTC there was an earthquake the magnitude of Mw8.1 at least. There have been many other smaller earthquakes taking place currently. Tsunami warning has been issued for the whole area due to this earthquakes.

Information can get found at EMSC or USGS.

6 Replies to “Great earthquakes off Sumatra”

  1. No offence, but ‘Great’ kinda sounds like your happy with these earthquakes occuring. ‘Large/massive earthquakes’ would fit better. 😉

    1. Great is just fine. as in ‘great big earthquake’ and ‘Great Kanto Earthquake.

      1. great   /greɪt/ Show Spelled [greyt] Show IPA adjective, great·er, great·est, adverb, noun, plural greats, ( especially collectively ) great, interjection
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        It is a word of dimensions, you used it correctly Jon.

  2. So far I have not yet seen any magnitude 7 earthquakes in the area. That means they are going to happen soon, or in the next few days to weeks at the latest.

  3. Going by previous events in the past, I predict there will be another earthquake in the Pacific area within the next week. The previous few events that have happened since the Japanese Quake/Tsunami have shown a reverberation effect on both sides of the Pacific which could keep going for another hundred years or more.

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