Strong earthquake in Mexico, early size is estimated at Mw7.6 (EMSC)

At 18:02 UTC there was an earthquake with the size of Mw7.6, it had the depth of 20 km according to EMSC. This size estimate is based on early data and is a subject to a change.

Regional view of the earthquake according to EMSC. This might change as the earthquake data is reviewed by EMSC and USGS. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

Local view of this earthquake according to EMSC. This might change as EMSC reviewed by EMSC and USGS. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

This earthquake was detected by my geophones. Currently I am unable to publish those traces as my earthquake computer is still offline as I have not yet moved to Denmark. This earthquake also appears clearly on IMO SIL network.

I am going to update this blog post as the information changes.

8 Replies to “Strong earthquake in Mexico, early size is estimated at Mw7.6 (EMSC)”

  1. Hi Jon,
    been reading yor blog since Eyafjall erupted, been a big fan of the site. However I´ve thought about a couple of things that bugs me. When you only wrote about Icelandic volcanoes you were more focused and more rapid with skilled analysis and reports. Now you try to cover the whole world and I can´t stop feeling you´ve become too fragmented. Today, if I want too read up on Icelandic geology and volcanoes I need to check in at a former “members” site. I really wish you would stop writing news about EQ and eruptions worldwide, I can look that up myself at USGS e.g. Please, go back writing about the land of fire and ice!

    Noah, Stockholm

    1. My main focus is still on Iceland and Icelandic volcanoes, so when there is something taking place in Iceland. I cover that before . But at the moment there is not anything happening in Iceland. So coverage of what is taking place elsewhere is good to make up for the time when nothing it taking place in Iceland. But that type of quiet period can and often last for weeks at the time.

      My coverage has not become more fragmented. However, due to my current circumstances (not having my own apartment at the moment and poor internet connection and all of my earthquakes computer down) it has made my coverage of Iceland more difficult then it normally would be. But that is about to get better I hope. As from May I finally move to an new apartment in Denmark. After that I hope that normality returns to this blog and to my writings.

      I hope that you all understand.

      As for turning back to only covering just Iceland and Icelandic volcanoes I would have to think about it (give me two days to think about it). As it would require an name change once again. But then I would also change the name of the forum that I have up and running.

  2. I agree. We can read about other earthquakes and volcanoes elsewhere, but this site used to be good because we could read about
    what was going on in Iceland from people who had real unique local knowledge of the Island. Your coverage of the worldwide stuff
    couldbe written by anyone, but you Iceland coverage used to be such that only you had that expertise of you local region – Iceland.

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