Strong earthquake in Vanuatu yesterday

Yesterday there was an Mw6.7 earthquake close to the Vanuatu Islands. The depth of this earthquake was 29 km. I do not know if was felt or not. But no report have appeared that suggest that any damage was done from this earthquake. More information about this earthquake can be found here, on EMSC web page. This earthquake size is known as strong according to the Richter scale (Wiki link).

The earthquake regional view from EMSC. Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

The local view of the earthquake according to EMSC.Copyright of this picture belongs to EMSC.

This earthquake is among the strongest ones in past several weeks. But it has been rather quiet in earthquakes all over the globe during past few weeks. While volcano activity has remained about the same during the same period (but I do little to report on it at current time due to lack of time and I not yet know how to gets the report in decent time).

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      1. I think this may be noise from Karahnukar dam.
        Noise seems to carry long distances in this area, for example there was a cliff somewhere in the Jökulsá canyon where you could if you put your ear to it, hear Elves singing 🙂
        More likely explanation could be noise from a large waterfall.

        Most of this is now under water, including that cliff.

      2. Thanks – but I think I prefer to believe it is the elves again. 😀

        Off course, if Snaefell suddenly goes pop, we’ll know it wasn’t… 😉

  1. Sorry Jón,
    It meant to be a joke, that’s why I put the smiley at the end.
    At that depth it’s far too hot to have ice and maybe there’s more liquified at 20,5 km depth!

  2. Don’t you Icelander ever have a day without gales! Can you have fences – don’t the blow down? Do you have trees?
    Our blow down when we have gales. The roofs blow of our sheds too. I gather Icelanders can@t use roofing felt?

  3. Jon, would it be worth writing a blog post about the recent change in depth of the Katla quakes? It seems like they start to happen deep down since last week or so.

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