Web site news for March 2012 [Updated]

This are the web site news for March 2012.

More pictures planned for this blog

I am planning more pictures and graphic stuff for this blog. How exactly I am going to do so is bit unclear at this moment. But this is an idea that I am currently working on.


Infolinks is an advertiser that inserts links into web pages by links. I am considering setting it up here to increase my income from this web site (being always broke is getting really old for me, more on that little later). But I want to know what the readers feel about such change. But the ads would insert them self into the text automatically based on keywords. Some people find this annoying. But the ads would only show them self if the links are hovered over.

Broke again, need help

I am travelling in Denmark at the moment and I am waiting for an apartment. The downside of this the fact that I am yet to pay my hosting bill of 800DKK for this month. But I did just send donations of 1102 DKK to my bank account from paypal. But give that my bank account has an -407DKK already. It means that there are only going to be around 695DKK available when the bill is due. I might be able to run an overdraft for few days without actually having one as I am doing now. But that is not welcomed by the bank that I am with.

What did create this situation is that I had to buy an air-plain ticket to Iceland both ways. This air-plain ticket did cost me 2394 DKK and when I did buy it. I did think that my balance was around 4000 DKK. Sadly, that was not the case and I was 2000 DKK less then I did was expecting. So now I am broke, with an air-plain ticket to Iceland and no good way to surviving the month without having to cut into my savings before I move to Denmark. But that is something I really do not want to do. As it would delay me on several things for many more months to come.

I also have to pay for glasses (I am going to pay for them slowly over several months (12 or 24 months)). That is not the big problem. As that is all accounted for properly and in an good plan.

What was not planned was getting broke now. This is also what I hate about my life at current time. I can’t move one inch with out getting broke or to have some money problems in the short term or the long time.

If anyone is willing to help me in this problem. It is possible to donate with paypal or directly to my bank account with SWIFT number. I really hate to ask for this. But I am having big problem now. I am planning some emergency plans so that I can pay the hosting bill on time. But that is going to mean that I have to cut into my saving a little bit to keep this web site up and running.

My current status is due to small income from the social welfare. But my income is only 151000 ISK. But that is at current exchange rate only 6713 DKK, 903€, 1.192$. It is my opinion that nobody should live on this small amount every month. But sadly this is what I have to deal with at current time, due to small traffic to my web page and that fact I have not been able to publish any book as of yet.

Thanks to everyone who support me!

Update 1: I am moving back to shared hosting soon as possible. I do this to cut down cost. As current lack of traffic does not support me buying dedicated hosting. But I need no less then 5000 pages loads pr day in order to support me buying dedicated hosting package. I am going to announce it when the move takes place.

Update 2: I have changed my mind. I am going to keep shared hosting. It is going to be worth it in the long run I think. What I did yesterday was an rather typical response due to the fact that I am most of the time broke. Something that I have to stop doing.

Update 3: Here is the traffic data for the years 2010 until 2012 (today). This gives an good idea of the traffic to this web site and how it spikes around earthquakes or volcano activity in Iceland.

Traffic of this web site since 2010 until today (year 2012). Picture is from Statcounter.com. I am unclear on copyright on this image at the moment.

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