Earthquakes in north and south Iceland [Updated]

This evening has been busy in Iceland. There was an ML3.5 earthquake just outside an area called Gjögurtá (part of TFZ). Followed by an ML3.2 aftershock. Earthquake activity seems to have stopped there for the moment. This took place at 22:06 UTC on 29.02.2012. The largest earthquake was felt over an large area that was closest to its location.

The location of the earthquake in the TFZ. Copyright of this picture belongs to IMO.

At 00:29 UTC on 01.03.2012 there was an earthquake on the Reykjanes. It happened in an mountain called Helgafell. Early results suggest that this earthquake had the size of ML3.2. It was felt over an wide area in south Iceland. Aftershocks are currently taking place, and more large earthquakes in this area cannot be ruled out at the moment.

The earthquake location on the Reykjanes. Copyright of this picture belongs to IMO.

There is an chance for more earthquakes in Reykjanes. As earthquake swarms in this area of Iceland can often be tense and make many earthquakes that have magnitude 3.0 and stronger.

This earthquake activity appears clearly on my geophones in Iceland. They can be viewed here and are updated every 5 min.

Update 1: More strong earthquake activity is taking place on the Reykjanes at this moment. The largest earthquake so far is ML3.9 according to the automatic data from IMO.

Update 2: Here is the image from Iceland Met Office of the area where this earthquake activity is taking place.

The current earthquake activity on the Reykjanes. Copyright of this picture belongs to IMO.

Update 3: The size of the second earthquake has been upgraded to ML4.2. Some minor damage has already been reported according to new from Rúv.

Blog post updated at 01:14 UTC on 01.03.2012.
Blog post updated at 01:39 UTC on 01.03.2012.
Blog post updated at 01:52 UTC on 01.03.2012.

Icelandi News about the earthquake in north Iceland. All news are in Icelandic.

Jarðskjálfti upp á 3,5 út af Gjögurtá (
Snarpir skjálftar fyrir norðan (Ví
Skjálfti út af Eyjafirði (Rú

News about the earthquake on the Reykjanes. All news are in Icelandic.

Skjálftakippur á höfuðborgarsvæðinu (Rú
Jarðskjálfti fannst vel á höfuðborgarsvæðinu (Ví
Jarðskjálfti við Helgafell (

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  1. Thursday
    01.03.2012 00:38:44 64.008 -21.770 0.7 km 1.2 90.01 3.9 km E of Helgafell

  2. I assume these are entirely tectonic in origin? It will be interesting to see if it rattles anything loose at Krisuvik, though.

  3. As I said elsewhere, the tectonic movement to the North and South of Iceland had to be creating immense stresses on the land mass. Jon was predicting the possibility of a Mag 5 a while back, it looks like that is going to be accurate. The depth and quality seems to indicate we can expect something on the surface sooner rather than later, but with so much activity, where?

    I had been watching Mýrdalsjökull, but I’m now paying attention to all areas – I need more TV’s so I can watch all the webcams at once!

  4. In south Iceland, Selfoss, I haven’t felt anything. I was beginning to sleep around that time.

  5. I would guess that these EQs are more to do with the recent activity on the MAR rather than anything directly volcanic.

    Interesting to see the effect on the volcanoes in the area.

  6. Earthquake activity in the UK is high for our norm at the moment see Any ideas what is moving to cause it all of is it coincidental that there seems a high level in multiple countries? Is a whole plate moving faster than usual? Has some event somewhere (earthquake) allowed freer movement for a while?

    1. Thank you for the link. This is the first time that I have looked at UK EQs. A guess is that it is a combination of normal activity and a ripple effect of the activity on the MAR.

      The weather is a bit warmer (within the norm for this time of year) but the last two years were cooler so any seasonal effect on the ground may have been delayed in 2010 and 2011.

      1. But interesting that there appears to have been small swarm of 9 EQs in Islay yesterday.

  7. I’m sorry a little more detail would help….yes.
    I’m refering to the 4.2 earthquake at 1:03:06 today.
    Was this what is seen on a couple of the siesmograph
    recordings about the Canary Islands? Thanks again.

    1. Possibly, or it could be the 5.1 in Vanuatu. But most probably it is local as IGN have been stripping non-local events from CHIE.

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